Image adjustment

The C-5050 Zoom provides control over sharpness, contrast and color saturation. Best of all this control is available in a total of eleven steps from -5 to +5, Kudos to Olympus for providing a wide range of adjustment. Below you will find examples of each adjustment at each extreme and the '0' neutral (default) setting. Any of these settings can be combined (for instance my preference was sharpness -2, contrast -1, saturation +1).


The C-5050's default sharpness was a little harsh for me and a setting of -2 reduced sharpening artifacts and visible noise while still maintaining detail.

Sharpness -5
Sharpness 0 (default)
Sharpness +5


Contrast -5 Contrast 0 Contrast +5

Contrast - grey clipping

We noted one anomaly with contrast adjustment, when set to high values (above +3) the C-5050 will occasionally push areas of strong color out of gamut and replace it with flat grey, very odd.

Contrast +5 Contrast +5


Saturation -5 Saturation 0 Saturation +5