The tiny Olympus C-40Z (known as the D-40Z in North America) was announced on the 2nd September this year, it entered the market as the first pocket sized (ultra-compact) four megapixel digital camera (and still is at the time of writing this review). In a small almost square case the C-40Z features a familiar Olympus sliding lens cover which also acts as the power switch, behind this we'll find a 2.8x (equiv. 35 - 98 mm) F2.8 - F4.8 lens.

Olympus haven't "dumbed down" this camera, it has a full set of manual controls and is completely configurable, to the extent that it could be seen as a pocket sized C-4040Z, there are very few features which haven't made there way over to the C-40Z.

The rest of the (current) Camedia range

Model name
(Japan / Europe)
Model name
Type Resolution Zoom
E-20 E-20N ZLR (professional) 5 megapixel 4x optical
E-10 E-10 ZLR (professional) 4 megapixel 4x optical
E-100RS E-100RS SLR-like 1.5 megapixel 10x optical*
C-2100UZ C-2100UZ SLR-link 2 megapixel 10x optical*
C-700UZ C-700UZ Compact (semi-pocketable) 2 megapixel 10x optical
C-4040Z C-4040Z Compact 4 megapixel 3x optical
C-3040Z C-3040Z Compact 3 megapixel 3x optical
C-2040Z C-2040Z Compact 2 megapixel 3x optical
C-40Z D-40Z Ultra-Compact 4 megapixel 2.8x optical
C-990Z D-490Z Compact (semi-pocketable) 2 megapixel 3x optical
C-100 Brio D-370 Compact (semi-pocketable) 1.3 megapixel Fixed
C-200Z Brio D-510Z Compact (semi-pocketable) 2 megapixel 3x optical
C-2 Brio D-230 Compact (semi-pocketable) 2 megapixel Fixed
C-1Z Brio D-150Z Compact (semi-pocketable) 1.3 megapixel 3x optical

* Stabilized

Olympus lens?

This is an interesting question, the C-40Z's appears to be identical (all but a very slight spec difference) to the lens found on Toshiba's PDR-M81 and Sanyo's new DSC-AZ1. Both the Toshiba and Sanyo are 4 megapixel digital cameras with a 2.8x F2.9 - F4.8 lens, that lens, on both cameras is labelled as a Canon lens. The other thing that makes this lens so distinctive is the vertically offset position of the lens elements within the barrel.. Spot the similarity in the images below.

Olympus C-40Z (D-40Z) Toshiba PDR-M81

Toshiba PDR-M81 lens crop courtesy of Imaging-Resource.