Play menu

Pressing the MENU button while in Play mode displays the play menu (this is displayed over the current review image but is shown on a black background here for clarity).

The menu is split over two pages, navigation is performed using the jog dial and confirmation using the OK button.

Each of the menu options is described in more detail below.

Play Menu Option
Sub-Menu Action / Options
SLIDESHOW PLAY Starts a slideshow of images on card

Turn exposure information overlay on or off:

• Off
• On


Start recording a 5 second annotation for this image:

• Start

CARD SETUP • Erase all images
• Format card
MODE SETUP Enter setup mode (detailed below)

Play mode setup menu

This is the play mode setup menu it has a limited number of options for changing various features in play mode.

Play Setup Menu Option
Sub-Menu Action / Options
ALL RESET ON Camera functions are factory reset at each power-up
OFF Camera functions are memorized at power-down (all but LCD status) and set on power-up
CUSTOM Enters a set of sub-menus for customization of power-on settings, this can be used to set the LCD to be on at power-up.
BEEP • Off
• Low
• High
THUMBNAILS Select the number of thumbnails displayed in thumbnail mode.

• 4 (2 x 2)
• 9 (3 x 3)
• 16 (4 x 4)
LCD BRIGHTNESS (Displays a sliding brightness control)
DATE / TIME Set Date / Time / Date Format

Movie Play / Edit menu

Pressing the MENU button while in Play mode with a movie selected displays the movie play menu.

You can start movie playback by selecting MOVIE PLAY (no audio is heard, the C-3040z does not have a speaker), there are also two other options unique to Movies described in more detail below.

Movie Index

Movie Index displays a 3 x 3 thumbnail view of the movie, you can jog left and right to select a particular part of the movie.

Pressing OK generates an Index JPEG image, if the movie was shot at HQ 320 x 240 the JPEG will be 1024 x 768, if it was shot at SQ 160 x 120 the JPEG will be 640 x 480.

Movie Edit

Movie Edit allows you to crop a portion out of the total movie, using the jog left and right buttons you can place "in" and "out" marks and then crop the movie either to a new movie file or to replace the old movie.