SmartMedia Compartment

Another component straight off the C-2020Z is the SmartMedia compartment and door, although on the C-3030Z it has received the same mottled effect as the metallic parts of the case. Ejecting SmartMedia is as simple as pushing it in fractionally and out it pops. The door is well built and should last well. The dark rectangle on the rear of the case near the door is the SmartMedia activity warning light.. When this is flickering the camera is accessing the card and the card should not be removed... it's also useful for recording access times ;)


All the connectors (apart from flash sync) on the C-3030Z are located behind a door on the left side of the camera. From top to bottom: DC power in (6V), A/V out (audio & video), USB, RS232 Serial.

Cables included:

• AV cable (ends in one RCA Audio, one RCA Video)
• USB cable

(Serial connectivity is an optional accessory)

InfraRed Remote Control (RM-1)

Again Olympus have included the excellent little RM-1 remote control, it allows you control the zoom and shutter release from a distance. You must put the camera in self timer/remote mode before using it, upon pressing the remote shutter release button there's a 3 second delay before the shot is actually taken (just enough time to hide the remote if you're in picture!).

I can't emphasize how useful this little device can be, just pop the camera on a tripod, line up that all important shot and take it without transmitting any vibrations through the camera... excellent.

Why can't other manufacturers include IR remotes?? I can't believe they're that expensive...

Flash Sync connector

I knew of quite a few photographers who liked the C-2020Z because of its studio capability, it featured a PC flash sync connector.

Olympus have swapped the PC connector for a five pin sync connector which can be used with their FL-40 extension flash or other brands of flash using the optional grip and bracket cable.

Using other brands of external flash equipment the manual notes: Using other brand of extension flash cannot be used without the main flash, other brands of flash can only be used in auto mode.

Tripod Mount

Fairly standard tripod mount (probably spoiled by the lovely metal/rubber one on the 990), set a little far forward for my liking (this may lead to a slight forward tilt on certain tripod heads). Why haven't digital camera manufacturers yet realized that we need the tripod mount in line with the focal plane? If you shoot panoramas you'll get slight misalignment between each frame.

Internal Flash

Same flash unit as the C-2020Z, similar output levels to most digital cameras, it can be used in conjunction with the FL-40 extension flash to provide more illumination. Standard output is stated in the manual as:

• Wide: 0.8m (31") - 3.8m (12.5ft)
• Tele: 0.2m (8") - 3.8m (12.5ft)

Supplied In the Box

Supplied in the Box

• Olympus C-3030Z Digital camera
• Infrared Remote Control
• Shoulder strap
• Video Cable
• Lens Cap
• USB Cable
• 2 x Olympus CR-V3 Lithium batteries
• 16 MB SmartMedia Card
• Camera Manual (printed) in various languages
• Registration cards etc.
• CD-ROM's: Olympus Camedia Master 2.0, Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE

Optional Accessories*

CLA-1 Lens adapter (required to use any optional lens)
Fits around the lens and screws into body, features a 43mm filter thread.
MCON-04 Macro lens.
Improves macro abilities. (Unable to calculate exact improvement)
TCON-14 Telephoto lens.
Produces a 1.45x magnification, equates to 140mm tele (35mm equiv.)
WCON-08 Wide-angle lens.
Produces a 0.8x wide angle, equates to 26mm wide (35mm equiv.)
FL-40 External Flash.
Comes supplied with hand-grip bracket.
MA-2 PCMCIA adapter.
Access SmartMedia cards (up to 32MB) as an external hard disk on PCMCIA compatible computers.
MAFP-2 Floppy adapter.
Flash Path adapter allows SmartMedia cards (up to 32MB) to be read in a 3.5" drive (with drivers).
PT-005 Underwater housing
Allows the C-3030Z to be used underwater (to a depth of 30m). Available only in certain regions.

* Availability of accessories may differ by region.