White Balance

The C-3030Z features just 4 manual white balance settings: Fine (daylight), Cloudy (daylight), Incandescent and Fluorescent. There's no ability to set a manual preset (sampled from the scene) or fine tune the white balance (as seen on the 990). This leaves you with fewer white balance options for those critical shots...The samples below have camera native XGA images behind them to conserve storage and bandwidth.

These samples are not intended to be a definitive test of the white balance on the C-3030Z. They were certainly not taken that scientifically. However they are intended to demonstrate the average performance in differing circumstances.

Subject in Daylight (fine weather)
White Balance: AUTO White Balance: Fine
Subject in Incandescent light
White Balance: AUTO White Balance: Incandescent
Subject in Fluorescent light
White Balance: AUTO White Balance: Fluorescent

AUTO white balance performs pretty much the same as most digicams, that is fairly well in daylight situations and less well elsewhere. Daylight (WB: Auto) providing the best white and colour balance closely followed by Incandescent (WB: Incandescent) and Fluorescent (WB: Auto).