Battery Compartment

Battery compartment (click for larger image)

The battery compartment on the C-2500L takes after the C-2000Z in the operation of the opening lever, something I'm still not happy about, not only is it difficult to operate but you end up putting pressure on buttons / pieces of the body which you shouldn't... Just in front of the AA battery bay is a small slide-in-out holder for the backup button battery, this keeps the clock going and stores all settings while batteries are out of the camera.

Batteries & Charger (click for larger image)Hats off to Olympus for providing a good charger and set of NiMH batteries with the camera. The batteries are rated as 1450mAh and I found them lasting for 140+ shots (the C-2500L is good on batteries because of the lack of live preview). The charger is slim and fast (around 3 hours full charge) and charges each battery individually which means you don't have to worry about pairing batteries in the charger.

SmartMedia / CompactFlash Compartment

SmartMedia / CompactFlash compartment (click for larger image)

SmartMedia / CompactFlash compartment another view (click for larger image)What's that you say? Yep, when Olympus first announced the C-2500L it wasn't apparent which media it would take.. For quite a while Olympus have been firmly in the SmartMedia camp, however with the advent of the C-2500L they've dropped themselves well and truly on the fence by providing the ability to not only take either but both at the same time. As you can see in the image above the SmartMedia slot is in front of the CompactFlash slot (sorry, type I compact flash only...) You switch between media by pressing the SM/CF button on the back of the camera, in playback mode you also have the ability to copy between cards either individual images or all images...

By doing so Olympus have covered all bases, those people upgrading from CF digicams will still be able to use their media, and the same is true of SM digicam owners.. Add to that the fact that C-2500L's in the US are now shipping with 32 MB of SmartMedia, add a nice 64MB CompactFlash and you've got a total of 96 MB onboard.. not bad (if a just a tad quirky).


Connections (click for larger image)

Fairly standard set of connections here, serial I/O for connection to a PC or Mac (if you're a masochist) DC input (not supplied) and AV out for connection to a TV or VCR. What no USB? Yep, Olympus left the USB boat in the harbor this time..

Supplied Accessories ("In the box")

Supplied in the box are the following items*

  • In the box (click for larger image)Olympus C-2500L Digital Camera
  • Neck Strap
  • Lens Cap
  • Remote Control (Infra-red)
  • Lithium backup battery (CR2025)
  • Video Cable
  • PC serial cable
  • Mac serial cable adapter
  • 4 x AA NiMH 1450mAh batteries
  • Battery charger & cable
  • SmartMedia Card (32MB) *
  • Manual & Warranty Card
  • Software CD-ROM

* Exact package differs by region