Play Menu

Pressing the MENU button while in play mode displays the play menu (this is displayed over the review image but is shown on a black background here for clarity).

Navigation is performed using the jog dial and confirmation using the OK button.

Each of the menu options is described in more detail below.

Menu Option
Action / Options Description
Slide show Play Starts a slideshow of images on storage card
Voice Annotation Start Record (and attach) a 5 second voice clip to this image
Function ?  
Card Setup Format Formats SmartMedia card
Mode Setup Setup Enters Play Mode setup menu (detailed below)

Play Setup Menu

The play mode setup menu allows for setup of various other play mode settings (along with some global camera settings), again navigation is performed using the 4-way controller and OK button (don't forget to press it at the end or you'll lose all your settings!)

Menu Option
Action / Options Description
All Reset Off No controls are reset at startup, all parameters remembered
On All controls are reset to their default at startup
Custom Control if individual settings are reset [sample] at startup
Beep Off Set the use of the beep confirmation
Sleep Off Set the power-saving sleep option
30 sec
1 min
2 min
5 min
Thumbnails 4 (2x2) Set the number of images displayed in a thumbnail view
9 (3x3)
16 (4x4)
LCD Brightness Set (15 levels) Displays last image taken with an overlaid brightness bar selector
Date / Time Set