Record Menu

Pressing the MENU button while in one of the record modes displays the record menu (this is displayed over the live preview image but is shown on a black background here for clarity).

The menu is split over five pages, navigation is performed using the jog dial and confirmation using the OK button.

Each of the menu options is described in more detail below.

Menu Option
Action / Options Description
Image Stabilisation Off Enable / Disable optical stabilisation
Digital Zoom Off Enable / Disable digital zoom
White Balance Auto camera automatically calculates best white balance
Sunny best for daylight
Cloudy for cloudy overcast and dull days (UK)
Incandescent good for indoor incandescent lights or night shots
Fluorescent for use with fluorescent lighting
ISO Auto Select ISO Sensitivity, Auto allows the camera to automatically change sensitivity for dark situations.
Flash Compensation +/-2.0 EV in 0.3 EV steps Allows you to adjust the output of the cameras flash
Slow Sync Flash Off  
Slow 1 Front Curtain Slow Sync Flash
Slow 2 Rear Curtain Slow Sync Flash
Auto Bracket +/-1.0, 0.6, 0.3 Take 3 or 5 shots in succession with 1.0, 0.6 or 0.3 compensation
Multi-metering Off Enables / Disables multi-metering (8-point average metering)
AF Mode iESP Focus based on average of whole screen (??)
Spot Spot focus on subject in target brackets
Full-time AF Off Enable / Disable full time auto-focus
Voice record Off Enable / Disable automatic recording of a 5 second voice annotation after shot is taken
Card Function Play Special card function (with Olympus cards this starts a panorama shooting mode)
Function Off Selects any one of four post-process image filters
Black & White
White Board
Black Board
Card Setup Format Formats SmartMedia card
Mode Setup Setup Enters Record Mode setup menu (detailed below)
S-Prg Portrait Selects current exposure program for S-Prg exposure mode
Background (Landscape)
Night Shot
Image Size / Quality TIFF Select current image size / quality value

Overall Kudos to Olympus for providing so much flexibility there's very little you can't control on this camera, new users will probably find the five pages of menu options a little daunting but will be thankful later when they realised the features it provides them.

As with the C-3030Z I was disappointed not to see more than four white balance settings, there's no preset option (the ability to measure white balance from a card or wall) and there's no fine tuning facility.

Record Setup Menu

The record mode setup menu allows for setup of various other record mode settings (along with some global camera settings), again navigation is performed using the 4-way controller and OK button (don't forget to press it at the end or you'll lose all your settings!)

Menu Option
Action / Options Description
All Reset Off No controls are reset at startup, all parameters remembered
On All controls are reset to their default at startup
Custom Control if individual settings are reset [example] at startup
Sharpening Hard Set the amount of in-camera sharpening applied to an image before it's written as TIFF or JPEG
TIFF -> Setup 1600 x 1200 Select the resolution TIFF images are saved as [example]
1280 x 960
1024 x 768
640 x 480
SQ -> Setup 1280 x 960 (Hi / Normal)
Select the resolution SQ JPEG images are saved as [example]
1024 x 768 (Hi / Normal)
640 x 480 (Hi / Normal)
Beep Off Set the use of the beep confirmation
AF Illuminator Off Enable / disable the AF illumination lamp
Rec View Off Enable / disable the review of images after they're taken
Sleep Off Set the power-saving sleep option
30 sec
1 min
2 min
5 min
Filename Reset Controls whether file numbering is continuous or reset when storage card is changed
LCD Brightness Set (15 levels) Displays last image taken with an overlaid brightness bar selector
Date / Time Set  
Distance readout m Controls the units used for distance readouts