Olympus surprised quite a few people when they first announced the C-2100 Ultra Zoom back on in June this year. Looking like an overgrown C-2020Z (on which it does appear to be based), the C-2100UZ sports a large 10x stabilised optical zoom lens. This is its main selling point, offering people the focal length reach they'd previously only been able to get with Sony's Mavica's or other digicams with (less than perfect) add-on lenses. Other things new to the C-2020Z are an electronic viewfinder (providing a sort of electronic TTL), a pop-up flash, new software features and a focus assist lamp.

The Lens

Many people can forgive the C-2100UZ for only having 2 megapixels in the age of 3 megapixel'ers because of this big lens. Add to this the image stabilisation and speed of the lens (F2.8 - F3.5) and it certainly becomes an interesting proposition. With the lens the C-2100UZ looks like a cross between two of it's older brothers the C-2020Z and C-2500L.