Battery Compartment

Battery compartment closed  (click for larger image)

The C2000Z battery compartment is within the hand grip, opened by turning a latch.

I personally found this a little fiddley and required a steady grip and firm pressure on the door before you can turn the latch back again to lock.

Battery compartment open (click for larger image) Sensibly Olympus chose an easy to remember battery pattern. This may sound odd to non-digicam users but having an easy to remember battery orientation pattern makes loading batteries so much easier.

SmartMedia Compartment

SmartMedia compartment (click for larger image)

The SmartMedia compartment is on the right hand side of the camera within the hand grip. Ejecting SmartMedia is just a simple case of pressing the card in and it ejects itself.


External connections (click for larger image)

On left hand side of the camera behind a door are the following connectors:

DC in - external power supply.

Video out - for use with included video cable for connectivity to VCR / TV.

Serial - RS232 / RS432 serial connector for (read: slow) image downloads.

Supplied Accessories ("In the box")

In the box (click for larger image)

Supplied in the box was a substantial and well written manual, CamMedia software CD, soft case (optional extra in some regions), AV and Serial cables, lens cap (clip-on type with no string - now where did I put it?), 8MB SmartMedia card and remote control.

Oh and four pathetic alkaline AA batteries... Go to thomas-distributing!

Remote control (click for larger image)

The Remote Control allows you to control the camera by infrared commands, you can zoom in and out and take a shot in record mode or navigate through images in playback (good for doing slideshows - you can even zoom in using the remote).

This little device makes taking steady shots easy, just pop the camera on a tripod and fire it from the remote, no camera shake.