Body Elements

The E-PL7 uses the same 16MP MOS sensor found in several other Olympus Micro Four Thirds models. It has an updated version of the company's 3-axis image stabilization.

Dust is kept off the sensor using the 'Supersonic Wave Filter', which is a fancy way of saying ultrasonic vibrations.
On the top plate you'll find the mode dial and combined shutter release / control dial.

The item on the mode dial that looks a little like the Windows logo is for the Photo Story feature, which creates a collage out of several photos. These 'stories' have Art Filter-like effects which you can select from.

The dial position can be re-assigned to select 'Myset' custom preset, if you prefer.
The controls on the rear are small and tightly packed. Most of the functions are self-explanatory.

The right and down directions on the four-way controller can have their functions redefined, and you can also set all four directions to handle focus point selection.
There's no built-in flash on the E-PL7, but Olympus does include a small external flash in the box. This flash, which attaches via the hot shoe and accessory port, has a guide number of 7m at ISO 100.

This small flash can be used to trigger and control Olympus and third party external flashes wirelessly.
Speaking of accessory ports, the one on the rear of the camera (normally protected by the hot shoe cover) supports all three of Olympus' electronic viewfinders (VF-2, VF-3, VF-4).

This port is also where you'll plug in the included external flash.
Under a plastic cover on the E-PL7's right side are its two I/O ports. They include a proprietary (grrr) USB + composite video output as well as micro-HDMI.

The tripod mount has been moved so that it's back in line with the camera's optical axis, which is always nice to see.

The battery and SD card slots are co-located on the bottom panel. The plastic door that covers this compartment is pretty flimsy.

The E-PL7 uses the more powerful BLS-50 lithium-ion battery, though the BLS-5 will work, as well. Despite the 10% increase in capacity, battery life drops to 350 shots per charge (10 fewer than the PL5).