Studio Test Scene (Low Light)

The low light scene is shot with Auto White Balance, to show how the camera's JPEGs look under artificial light. Any 'keep warm tone' options are left at their default setting.

The low light scene Raws are processed to demonstrate the capability of cameras in low-light shooting situations. Noise reduction is minimized and the white balance is neutralized to reveal blue channel noise. The black level is lifted to prevent noise being hidden by clipping. A standardized amount of sharpening is applied in Photoshop.

Note: this page features our new interactive studio scene. Click here for instuctions on the widget.

In low light the E-P5 produces dramatically orange-tinged images - Setup menu option G6 lets you force the camera to more completely correct this, but this is the result of the default 'WB Auto Keep Warm Color - On' setting. This heavy orange coloration means the E-P5's output isn't quite as pleasant as the Sony NEX 6's - it makes dark blues and purples to look rather muddy but it's probably preferable to the Panasonic GX7's rather magenta look. At higher ISOs it loses a little ground to the NEX-6 and it starts to more obviously fall behind the Nikon D7100. In Raw mode, even with the orange tinge and the Nikon's better high-ISO JPEG performance stripped away, you can see the Nikon offers an increasing advantage in a low-light setting.

However, the E-P5 is still very competitive against its mirrorless peers - even at its high ISO settings it's still doing well against the Sony NEX-6. Any sensor size disadvantage is only apparent at the very highest ISO settings.