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The Olympus OM-D E-M1X is a dual-grip Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera aimed at pro sports and action photographers. It's designed to be rugged, durable, fast and capable, and has a price tag to match that ambition.

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The EM1X uses fast readout and fast processing both to provide high-level AF performance and fast burst shooting as well as a range of novel modes and features. It also promises new levels of performance in terms of weather resistance.

Key Specifications

  • 20MP Four Thirds sensor
  • 121-point autofocus system with deep learning-based subject recognition
  • Hand-held high-res shot mode
  • Up to 60 fps Raw + JPEG capture (up to 18 fps with autofocus)
  • Pro Capture mode records frames before you hit the shutter
  • Up 7.5EV of image stabilization (CIPA-rating) with supported lenses
  • 'Live ND' multi-shot mode simulates ND filters
  • Large 2.36M-dot LCD viewfinder able to work at up to 120 fps
  • Dual BLH-1 batteries giving 870 shots per charge (CIPA)
  • Dual UHS-II SD memory card slots
  • Extensive direct control, dual AF joysticks, articulating touchscreen
  • UHD 4K/30p video and DCI 24p at up to 237Mbps
  • Extensive, IPX1-rated weather sealing
  • USB charging

To a degree the E-M1X resembles a twin-grip E-M1 II with more powerful processors and two batteries. What makes the camera interesting is what it does with that extra power.

The E-M1X is sold body only at an MSRP of $2999, CAN $3899, €2999 and £2799.

What's new and how it compares

The E-M1X brings improved AF, a hand-held high res mode and Live ND as the headline updates.

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Body and Handling

The E-M1X is the first Olympus digital camera to offer the dual-grip design favored by pro sports cameras. It's also one of the few to receive a formal rating of its environmental sealing.

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Controls and Operation

There are plenty of direct control points on the E-M1X but also a lot that can be customized.

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Is the E-M1X right for you?

The E-M1X's primary use cases are sports, action and wildlife photography. But that doesn't mean the camera isn't fit for other disciplines.

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Shooting Experience 1

Carey Rose was impressed by the performance of the E-M1X at a pre-launch shooting event, but there are some things he'd like to see improved.

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Shooting experience 2

When it comes to tennis, the E-M1X is faster than a Nikon D5, but its autofocus is less reliable.

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Image quality

The E-M1X likely uses the same sensor as the E-M1 II and image quality is top notch for a Four Thirds chip.

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The E-M1X offers impressively sticky AF tracking. However, AF-C performance falls behind the competition.

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Two processors give the E-M1X a decent amount of buffer depth. They also play a part in the camera's stabilization, which is on par with the E-M1 II, but behind the Panasonic G9.

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Video quality doesn't blow us away, but the E-M1X just might have the smoothest in-camera video image stabilization around, but it comes with a slight crop.

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After all our testing and real world shooting, here's the final takeaway.

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Sample gallery

We've spent a ton of time shooting with the E-M1X, here's all our samples, including Raw conversions.

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