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By downsampling the camera's native 20MP output to 5MP the Lumia 1520 produces an image that shows good detail and practically no noise or artifacts. Detail is not quite on the same high level as the 5MP output of the Lumia 1020 but better than some competing models with higher resolution output. The 1520 images look very crisp and detailed without being oversharpened.

In the green low-contrast areas of the frame some smearing of fine detail is still evident but to a lesser degree than on most competing devices. There is some slight softness in the extreme corners of the image but otherwise sharpness is very good across the frame.

Overall the Nokia Lumia 1520's 5MP output in bright light is very decent. Given that most smartphone images are shared online and therefore downsampled even further to most users this 5MP version will be much more useful  than the full-res version.