Video Mode

In video mode you have controls for the video light, white balance and focus mode at the top and the record button takes the place of the soft shutter button.

In terms of video recording resolutions and frame rates the the Nokia Lumia 1520 offers more options than your average smartphone. It captures full-HD video at 30 frames per second but you can also opt for 720p to save space and 24/25 frames per second to better match your final output. Users with a focus on video will appreciate this number of options but on the other hand there are no filter or special modes, such as slow motion. 

When you tap on the white balance or focus mode icons at the top you get the same control ring as in stills mode.
You'll find a range  of video resolution and frame rate options in the settings menu.

Shooting video in the new Nokia Camera app works pretty much the same way as in the ProCam app that initially came with the Lumia 1020.  You can jump to video mode by tapping the video cam icon above the shutter button. In video mode, tapping the onscreen button or the hard button starts recording. You can zoom while recording by pinching, but there’s no still capture capability.

Recent Videos

The app's configurability is reduced in video mode, but you can still adjust white balance, toggle the video illuminator (aka the focus assist light), and set focus manually (before you start recording).

Like on the the 1020 the optical stabilization system is working very efficiently and gives videos a professional, Steadicam-look which makes for better results with hand-held recording than on most competing devices.

The 1520 also records very clear stereo sound. In very loud environments it also appears to automatically reduce the recording volume in order to avoid distortion of the soundtrack. See and listen for yourself in the samples below.

Video Sample 1: Bright Light

The 1520 captures nicely exposed, fluid video in good light. Focus is solid, even with subjects moving through the frame, but like the still images, contrast is very strong. The image stabilized lens really helps keep the image steady and sound quality is very decent in this clip.

Video Sample 2: Low Light

In low light some grain is visible in the shadow areas but overall the 1520 delivers a remarkably clean image without any focus drift.  

Video Sample 3: Low Light

Noise is more visible in very low light condition like in this club. Nevertheless the video quality is still more than good enough for sharing on social media or simply recording a memorable moment. That's better than many other can do in those conditions. In this clip you can also hear how the recording volume is reduced as the very heavy base sets in, avoiding distortion and clipping of sound.