Video Mode

The Pro Cam’s video app is strictly business. You’re recording video. That’s it.

The 1020 shoots full HD video at 30 frames per second. You also opt for 720p to save space, and you have the pick of 25 or 24 frames per second modes to better match your final output. For a smartphone, that is an unusually large choice of video quality options. There are no special effects or whiz bang features like slow motion but the very good video quality makes at least partly up for that.

You can jump to Pro Cam’s video mode by tapping the video cam icon next to the shutter button. In video mode, tapping the onscreen button or the hard button starts recording. You can zoom while recording by pinching, but there’s no still capture capability.

Pro Cam’s configurability is reduced in video mode, but you can still adjust white balance, toggle the video illuminator (aka the focus assist light), and set focus manually (before you start recording).

The 1020’s stabilized lens gives videos a professional, Steadicam-look that makes for a more satisfying recording than most competitors can manage.

Nokia talks up the 1020’s sound recording ability, and while we don’t rigorously test audio fidelity, it does seem to capture better-than-average stereo sound. See and listen for yourself in the samples below.

Video Sample 1: Bright Light

The 1020 captures nicely exposed, fluid video in good light. Focus is solid. The image stabilized lens really helps keep the image steady.

Video Sample 2: Low Light

In low light, the 1020’s big sensor really shines, delivering remarkably ungrainy video with a lot of detail. Focus drift is minimal — if it became a problem, you could lock it manually.