Image Quality Compared (Landscape)


The Nokia 808's image quality in its 8MP PureView mode is nothing short of stunning. Detail capture from edge to edge is extremely high and whereas the iPhone 5 (and the other cameras in this comparison) show a marked tendency to clip highlights in some areas of this scene, the 808 preserves bright detail more faithfully thanks to the extra dynamic range that comes courtesy of its unique PureView oversampling technology.

The poorest camera here is the Samsung Galaxy SIII, which has delivered a slightly 'crunchy' image that lacks the natural sharpness of the iPhone and Nokia 808. Both it and the HTC One X display noticeable haloing when viewed at 100%, caused by over sharpening. The HTC phone has also delivered an extremely highly saturated, very contrasty scene, with large areas of the foreground almost black. There is detail in these shadow areas but it'll take a pretty extreme brightness adjustment to see it. 

The iPhone 5 runs it pretty close though - exposure and white balance are accurate and attractive and detail is faithfully recorded without being over sharpened. Very close examination shows that at a pixel level, the iPhone 5 is applying slightly more aggressive sharpening than the Nokia 808, which means that images from the latter have more scope for post-capture sharpening, if that's part of your workflow. We prefer the iPhone's warmer rendering though - the Nokia 808 has delivered a fairly cool - although not unnatural - color balance.