Conclusion - Pros

  • Portable, good startup time, easy to use and good compatibility
  • Good Capacity Options (5, 10, 20, 30 GB)
  • Easier to connect than Digital Album, connectors on unit body
  • Direct printing (HP and Epson support)
  • LCD monitor image display (thumbnail, single view, magnification)
  • Ability to browse images in both file and thumbnail view
  • Display of EXIF exposure information
  • Cut, Copy & Paste images and folders
  • Multiple file selection
  • Standard PCMCIA transfer speeds (~1 MB/sec)
  • CF Type II slot makes CF transfers easy (no adapter required)
  • Erase card option AFTER verification
  • Supplied rechargeable battery pack (higher capacity) & charger
  • TV out feature, good for portable presentations or slide shows
  • Switchable PAL / NTSC output
  • Slim supplied remote control
  • Included soft case
  • Promise of Firewire, USB 2.0 and Ethernet Jack's as future accessories

Conclusion - Cons

  • Plastic material used for the case doesn't have a "quality feel", new material and/or rubber strips would have helped a lot
  • Can feel slow when first browsing or viewing large image files (>4mp JPEG's)
  • Doesn't memorize browse location after power-off
  • Proprietary battery pack (though small and light)
  • A little expensive as a single item purchase

Overall Conclusion

The Vista is an excellent example of the progression of a product from one generation to the next. Nixvue are a good example of a company who were innovative with their first product and then closely monitor feedback from reviewers and owners alike. There are many small features or fixes in the Vista which were particular bug-bears of the original unit, there are also several new an innovative ideas (such as the LCD monitor - something I suggested not long after seeing the original DA). The Vista is a multipurpose device, you can use it to store your images on a long shoot (or holiday), you can also view those images and reorganize using the LCD monitor or TV connection. You can also use the unit to present the images either in a business or personal environment.

Overall I was very pleased with the Vista, it offers great functionality an ease of use. Lets hope Nixvue can add support for some of the other proprietary image file formats (RAW formats) in later firmware updates.

UPDATE 5th July 2002:

Nixvue has announced its new firmware version 1.04 (and soon 1.05) for the Vista portable storage / display unit. The new firmware adds support for the display of Nikon RAW (NEF) and Canon RAW (CRW) files on both the internal LCD and connected TV. Other new features include the viewing of EXIF and Histogram information and multiple sub-directory slideshow option.

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