Conclusion - Pros

  • Works well, good compatibility
  • Simple to understand and use
  • Good Capacity (10 / 20 GB)
  • Portability (though it is bigger than you expect)
  • Cradle makes it easy to connect / charge at the same time
  • Fairly quick download speeds
  • Erase card option AFTER verification
  • LCD backlight
  • Supplied rechargeable battery pack & charger
  • Nice TV out feature, good for portable slide shows / presentations
  • Switchable PAL / NTSC output
  • Neat supplied remote control
  • Full support for long filenames
  • Included carrying case
  • Offers excellent $/MB (10 GB DA = $0.048/MB, 20 GB DA = $0.029/MB)

Conclusion - Cons

  • Build quality & finish a little 'plasticy'
  • Blue / Silver colour scheme may not be to everyones taste
  • Proprietary battery pack (though small and light)
  • A little expensive as a single item purchase

Conclusion - Would be nice

  • Ability to browse file system contents / folder sizes
  • Audible confirmation sounds
  • Reset button

Overall Conclusion

It does what it says on the box... And it does it well. The unit I have here for review is far better than the initial product I saw earlier this year. It's got full compatibility with all the necessary storage cards, battery life is good and setup and use are simple and easy to understand. The TV Out feature is an added bonus which will make it easy for you to give slide shows to friends and family or even photographic presentations without dragging a laptop around with you.

With the addition of both 10 and 20 GB units you can choose the capacity which makes most sense, the 20 GB especially offering huge amounts of storage for even the most avid photographer shooting in TIFF or RAW modes (note these can't be displayed on a TV).

If you're sold already you can buy the Digital Album from Jobo.