Video Out / TV display operation

The Digital Album's cradle has a composite video output (RCA type jack) which can be connected to a VCR / TV input. Put the Digital Album on the cradle and select 'Video On' from the menu. The unit will restart and an on-screen menu will appear on the TV screen. All control of the Digital Album from now onwards is carried out using the supplied remote. Here's a diagram of the remote control's functions:

Below is a summary of functions available in this mode:

This is the default view, a list of folders containing downloads, using the arrow keys and the center select button on the remote control you can navigate through these folders. Each folder represents one 'card copy'. After entering a folder you see a text list of files. In this example the images have been copied back from a PC for example purposes (typically filenames would only be 8 characters and an extension).
Pressing the thumbnail view button on the remote switches to this 4 x 4 (16) image view of the images. Initial display takes some time, however the thumbnails are cached for quick display later. Pressing the select button (center of the arrow keys on the remote) in either thumbnail or file list mode displays that image. Depending on the size and resolution of the image the first ever view can take between 5 and 15 seconds, after this a cached version of the image means that display doesn't take longer than 2.6 seconds.
The Digital Album allows you to magnify the displayed image. Press the magnify button plus or minus to zoom in and out, scroll around the magnified image using the cursor keys.

Menus and functions

While in video out mode you can also carry out rudimentary maintenance such as file deletion, renaming, creation of new folders and also printing (via the cradle's parallel port).

The simple 'windows like' menu system is accessed by pressing the menu button on the remote, from here you can manipulate images, create folders and change view modes / options. Selecting the rename option displays this text input box.
Selecting new folder displays the same text input box. Selecting print displays the print option dialog, the unit currently supports the Epson Stylus Photo 750 and 870. Other printers will be supported at a later date by placing printer driver files on the digital album filesystem.
Selecting properties from the Print dialog displays the Print Setup dialog, from which you can select paper type, size, quality, orientation and sizing options. Selecting Utility from the Print Setup dialog displays the Print Utility dialog which can be used to check / clean or adjust the print heads.
The About box displays identity and version information Selecting Help directs you to the Nixvue website.