The large high resolution LCD monitor makes reviewing images easy, it's clear that Nikon (much like other manufacturers) are using sub-pixel hinting when displaying images as they appear very sharp and detailed. The face lifted user interface first seen on the D200 is a pleasure to use, it has high resolution anti-aliased fonts and a more stylish use of color and gradients.

Record Review

You can choose for the D80 to display a review of the image taken immediately after shutter release. The type of display used will be the same as the last mode used in playback (histogram, thumbnail, details etc.). Note that record review has all of the functionality of playback mode, this means you can use the delete, magnify, protect buttons etc. The image will remain on the screen for the 'Monitor off' time CSM 27 or until you half-press the shutter release.

Playback mode

Press the Playback button to display the last image taken or the last image on the card. Use the four-way up or down (or turn the sub-command dial) to change display mode (five available), press left or right (or turn the main command dial) to browse images.

1: Folder, File name, Image size, Image quality 2: Detail - Camera, Metering mode, Shutter speed, Aperture, Exposure mode, Compensation, Focal length and Flash mode
3: Detail - Image Optimization, ISO sensitivity (red indicates Auto ISO was used), White Balance, Image size / quality, Tone, Sharpness, Color, Hue, Saturation and Comment 4: Highlights - Note that the blinking areas aren't necessarily completely overexposed but are above a preset threshold
5: Histogram display - Image thumbnail, Luminance, Red, Green and Blue histograms  

Delete and Protect

Press the delete button to display the 'Delete?' prompt, press once more to delete the image Press the protect button to protect (small key icon appears) or unprotect an image

Playback Zoom

Press ENTER to switch to magnification mode, use a combination of the thumbnail button, main command dial and direction controller to magnify and move around the magnified image.

Press the zoom button for playback zoom mode, image is partially magnified and an overview navigation box is shown at the bottom right After approximately two seconds the navigation box disappears, change the zoom level or scroll around and it will re-appear
We discovered that this is approximately the maximum zoom level which reveals new detail Further zoom simply pixelates the display (click here for a larger, clearer animation)

Playback thumbnail views

The D80 has two levels of thumbnail view, either 2 x 2 or 3 x 3. Press the thumbnail index button to enter thumbnail mode with 4 images (2 x 2), press again to switch to the 9 image (3 x 3) view. If you leave the camera in this view mode it will use it for record review. Note that if you have the 'Rotate Tall' option enabled images taken in the portrait orientation are displayed vertically.

2 x 2 thumbnail view 3 x 3 thumbnail view

Playback retouching

During playback you can display a pop-up version of the Retouch menu by pressing the OK button, this is a faster method of applying any of the retouch adjustments to the current image. Full details of the Retouch features later in this article.