Record Review

By default the D50 will display a review of the image taken immediately after exposure. If you prefer this behavior can be disabled via custom function 5. The style of record review display depends on the last used play display mode, there are five different full size displays as well as two thumbnail index sizes. Note that the the function of the direction arrows of the 4-way controller have been switched since the D70 (and D70s), now left and right browse, up and down change display mode (much more logical).


Pressing the play button displays the last image shot (or the last image on the card). Press the 4-way controller up or down to change the display mode, there are five 'pages' of image information (including exposure details, histogram etc.). Press the 4-way controller left or right to browse through images, you can now also use the command dial to browse.

1: Folder, File name, Image size, Image quality 2: Detail - Camera, Date, Tim, Metering, Shutter speed, Aperture, Exposure Mode, Compensation, Focal length, Flash mode
3: Detail - Image development, ISO sensitivity, White Balance, Image size, Image quality, Sharpness, Tone, Color Mode, Hue, Saturation, Comment 4: Highlights (note the blinking areas aren't necessarily completely overexposed but are 'near')
5: Histogram overlay  

Delete & Protect

Press the delete button to display the 'Delete?' prompt, press once more to delete the image Press the protect button to protect (small key icon appears) or unprotect an image

Playback Magnification

Press ENTER to switch to magnification mode, unlike the D70 the D50 does not memorize the last magnification level used. Hold down the thumbnail button to display a small 'overview' image in the bottom right corner of the frame, with this you can resize and reposition the loupe (using the command dial and 4-way controller), once you release the thumbnail button the newly selected area is displayed.

Press ENTER to switch to magnify mode Hold the thumbnail button to display the overview image and magnifying loupe
Turn the main command dial to change magnification (and hence the size of the loupe) and the 4-way controller to reposition Release the thumbnail button to display the newly selected area

Playback thumbnail views

The D50 has two levels of thumbnail view, either 2 x 2 or 3 x 3. Press the thumbnail index button to enter thumbnail mode with 4 images (2 x 2), press again to switch to the 9 image (3 x 3) view and press again to return to single image view mode.

Four image thumbnail index (first press of the thumbnail index button) Nine image thumbnail index (second press of the thumbnail index button, press again to return to single view).