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Studio scene comparison (JPEG)

This is our standard studio scene comparison shot taken from exactly the same tripod position. Lighting: daylight simulation, >98% CRI. Crops are 100%. Ambient temperature was approximately 22°C (~72°F).

Nikon D40X vs. Olympus E-410

Camera settings:

  • Nikon D40X: Nikkor 50 mm F1.8 lens, Aperture Priority, ISO 100
    JPEG Large/Fine, Manual WB, Default Parameters, Self-Timer
  • Olympus E-410: Olympus 50 mm F2.0 lens, Aperture Priority, ISO 100
    JPEG Large/SHQ, Manual WB, Default Parameters (Natural), Anti-shock 2 sec
Nikon D40X
Olympus E-410
3,695 KB JPEG (3872 x 2592)
6,775 KB JPEG (3648 x 2736)

The Olympus E-410 enters this comparison with a 144 pixel advantage in the vertical direction (this difference due to its 4:3 aspect ratio compared to the more typical 3:2 ratio of the D40X). This makes the E-410's crops look larger but it's difficult to pick out any specific area of our comparison image which gains from this minor advantage. Overall it would be fair to say that 'out of the camera' with default settings these two cameras deliver very similar levels of detail and sharpness. Color response was also similar with the main difference being the D40X's treatment of greens (the default Mode IIIa delivering more appealing greens). Note that the E-410 clipped the highlights on the paperclips slightly earlier (this is something we cover in more detail in our E-410 review, coming soon).