Menus (contd.)

Set up Menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Format  • No
 • Yes
LCD brightness  • OK
 • -2 to +2
Mirror lockup  • Off
 • CCD cleaning
Locks mirror in up position for sensor cleaning, only available with EH-6 AC adapter connected.
Video mode  • NTSC
 • PAL
World Time  • Time zone
 • Date
Date set
Time set
 • Date format
 • Daylight saving time

- [clip]
Language  • Chinese
 • German
 • English
 • Spanish
 • French
 • Korean
 • Italian
 • Japanese
 • Dutch
 • Swedish
Image comment  • Done >
 • Input comment
Text entry
 • Attach comment
When enabled the comment is written into the header of each image [clip]
Auto image rotation  • On
 • Off
Voice memo  • Off
 • On (auto and manual)
 • Manual only

- 5 seconds
Voice memo overwrite  • Off
 • On
Voice memo button  • Press and hold
 • Press to start / stop
Audio output  • Via speaker
Volume (1 - 5)
 • Via Video Out
 • Off
USB  • Mass Storage
 • PTP
Dust Off ref photo  • Start Used to capture a 'dust reference image' for the 'Dust Off' feature of Nikon Capture 4. For Raw images only.
Battery Info  • Battery meter
 • Picture meter
 • Calibration
 • Charging life
Information display
Wireless LAN  - (Only available with wireless transmitter attached)
Firmware Version  • Version No.
A 1.00
B 1.00
(display only)

Recent Settings

The recent settings menu is essentially a history of changes which have been carried out via the camera menus. You can access any of the last eight menu settings and re-apply them. This is useful if you regularly switch between two features (for example file name prefix or noise reduction setting).