The D200's new high resolution LCD monitor means finer detail is easier to see on the screen and also means that the entire user interface has received a facelift. Smoother high resolution fonts (anti-aliased and hinted) and cleaner UI lines everywhere makes the camera feel more modern and sophisticated (although the underlying functionality and usability are the same as the D2X).

Record Review

You can choose for the D200 to display a review of the image taken immediately after shutter release. The type of display used will be the same as the last mode used in playback (histogram, thumbnail, details etc.). Note that record review has all of the functionality of playback mode, this means you can press delete to delete the image, press Enter to magnify etc. The image will remain on the screen for the 'Monitor off' time CSM c5 or until you half-press the shutter release.


Press the Playback button to enter playback mode, press the multi selector left or right to change display mode (seven pages different modes available). Press the multi selector up or down to browse through images (this is virtually instant, no perceptible delay between each). You can choose to disable or enable certain display modes via the playback menu. Note that you can switch the up/down and left/right functions of the multi selector via CSM f3 and that you can choose to also use the command dials to browse / change information page via CSM f5.

1: Default display (only folder and file number) 2: Folder, Filename, Date & Time, Size & Quality, Frame count, Focus area
3: Data: Camera, Metering, Shutter speed, Aperture, Exposure mode, Exposure compen., Focal length, Flash mode 4: Data: Development, ISO, White balance, White balance fine tuning, Tone, Sharpness, Color, Hue, Saturation, Comment
5: Luminance & RGB Histograms (also available with blinking highlights and single color channels) 6: Blinking Highlights (single color channel can be selected)
7: Luminance histogram overlay  

Playback Zoom

Press ENTER to switch to magnification mode, use a combination of the thumbnail button, main command dial and direction controller to magnify and move around the magnified image.

Press ENTER to switch to playback zoom mode, image is partially magnified Hold the thumbnail button to display the overview image and magnifying loupe
Turn the main command dial to change magnification (and hence the size of the loupe) and the 4-way controller to reposition Release the thumbnail button to display the newly selected area
An example of even further magnification, there is a level of magnification greater than this but it doesn't reveal any more detail, only pixelates.

Playback thumbnail views

The D200 has two levels of thumbnail view, you simply hold the thumbnail button and turn the main command dial, one click right for a 2 x 2 (4 image) view, two clicks for a 3 x 3 (9 image view). Use the multi selector to navigate the images one at a time, hold the thumbnail button and turn the sub command dial to move a page at a time. If you leave the camera in this view mode it will keep it even for record review. Note that if you have the 'Rotate Tall' option enabled images taken in the portrait orientation are displayed vertically.

One click right for a 2 x 2 thumbnail view Two clicks right for a 3 x 3 thumbnail view

Other Playback displays

After pressing the delete button just press once more to confirm the deletion An example of a protected image