Custom (CSM) Menu

Custom Settings (contd.)

18: Monitor Off Delay
18-0 10 s
18-1 20 s *
18-2 1 min
18-3 5 min
18-4 10 min
19: Aperture Control during Zoom
19-0 Fixed *
19-1 Variable
Change amount of time before LCD will automatically turn itself off. Maintain constant aperture or maintain aperture at a value a constant number of steps from the maximum aperture.
20: ISO Step Value
20-3 1/3 Step *
20-2 1/2 Step
20-1 1 Step
21: AE-L/AF-L Button
21-0 AE/AF Lock *
21-1 AE Lock only
21-2 AF Lock only
21-3 AE Lock hold
Controls the size of sensitivity increments between ISO levels. Controls the action of the AE-L/AF-L button.
22: Aperture Setting
22-0 Sub-Command *
22-1 Aperture Ring
23: Image Sharpening
23-0 Normal *
23-1 Low
23-2 High
23-3 None
Allow the aperture to be selected using the aperture ring on a lens rather than the sub command dial. Controls internal sharpening algorithm (not applied to RAW images).
24: Image Sharpening
24-0 Auto *
24-1 Normal
24-2 Less contrast
24-3 More contrast
24-CS Custom
25: Continuous mode shooting speed
25-3 3 fps *
25-2 2 fps
25-1 1 fps
Allows for control over the "curve" used to correct the tone of the image captured (not applied to RAW images). Custom allows the user to define a curve in Nikon Capture 2 and upload it to the camera. Set the shooting speed for continuous mode.
26: Continuous mode maximum shots
26-X Where X is between 9 and 1 (9 default)
27: Display Mode
27-0 Image only *
27-1 Histogram
27-2 Highlights
27-3 Both
Set the shooting speed for continuous mode, no more than 6 RAW shots can be buffered in a burst so anything over 6 only applies to JPEG. If you have zoom in playback enabled (CSM 36) you will lose one third of buffer space (max 6 JPEG or 4 RAW). Sets what additional pages will be available in image review mode. Either blinking highlights, a histogram or both.
28: NEF (RAW) Image Save
28-0 Off
28-1 Uncompressed *
28-2 Compressed
29: File Number Sequence
29-0 Off *
29-1 On
Sets the use and type of RAW image saved, either disabled completely, uncompressed or losslessly compressed. Nikon's NEF format can only be viewed using Nikon View 4 or Nikon Capture 2 (or third party applications such as Bibble or Qimage Pro). Controls whether filenames are reset to zero every time a new / empty storage card is detected or if a sequence of file names.
30: PC Shooting Mode
30-S Single *
30-C Continuous
31: ISO Boost
31-0 Off *
31-1 HI-1 (~ISO 1600)
32-2 HI-2 (~ISO 3200)
Changes the frame-advance mode when camera is in PC mode (under computer control). Controls the camera sensor sensitivity, set to 0 you can select from 125 to 800 ISO equiv., at 1 or 2 sensitivity is locked at approximately 1600 or 3200 ISO equiv. respectively.
32: Color Mode
32-0 sRGB *
32-1 Adobe RGB
33: Hue Adjustment
33-X Where X is between 0 and 6 (3 default)
Allows you to select the colour space used to save images, sRGB is a relatively narrow gamut colour space which is the most commonly used for computer monitors and web browsing. Adobe RGB offers a far wider colour gamut and is more suited to professional and commercial applications. Make slight adjustments to the camera's colour balance. 3 is seen as neutral, 0 pushes hues towards purple, 6 towards yellow.
34: Disable Shutter if no CF Card
34-0 On *
34-1 Off
35: Rear Control Panel Display
35-0 ISO *
35-1 Frame Count
Disable the shutter release if there is no Compact Flash card inserted. Controls what is displayed on the rear control panel, the default is ISO sensitivity but this can be changed to Frame Count (which was the default for the D1).
36: Zoom-PB during Image Write
36-0 Off *
36-1 On
Enables the ability to zoom the review image displayed immediately after shutter release. Enabling this option reduces the maximum number of shots which can be taken in a burst from 9 JPEG / 6 RAW to 6 JPEG / 4 RAW.  

Notable improvements: Monitor off delay is now default of 20 seconds. New compressed RAW mode saves 50-60% storage space (although as yet third party applications can't read this format). Selectable colour spaces - very welcome!