Shooting Menu

Pressing the MENU button while in one of the record modes (S, C, self-timer) will display the shooting menu. It is one of the four menus (playback, shooting, custom and set up) available on the D1x.

The menus are navigated using the 4-way controller, up and down to select an option, right to confirm (or enter a sub-menu) and left to cancel or return to the previous menu. The FUNC button can also be used (it has the same function as pressing the 4-way controller to the right).

Image Quality

The Image Quality option allows you to set the current image quality (RAW, TIFF, JPEG - 3 levels), colour output (colour / B&W), and image size (Large - 6mp, Medium - 2.7 mp). Note that image quality settings can also be changed via the FUNC button (default assignment) combined with the main and sub command dial.

White Balance

Select White Balance setting:
Auto (4200K - 7000K) - camera evaluates the scene and automatically selects a white balance
Incandescent (~3000K)
Fluorescent (~4200K)
Direct sunlight (~5200K)
Flash (~5400K)
Cloudy (~6000K)
Shade (~7000K)
WB Preset (3 settings)

Choosing the WB Preset option displays a second sub-menu which allows you to program a white balance setting by shooting a gray card, this can then be recorded in one of the three wb preset memories. White balance can also be set directly by pressing the WB button and rolling the main command dial.


Selects ISO sensitivity:
1/3-stop inc.
1/2-stop inc. 1-stop inc.
• 160
• 250
• 320
• 500
• 640
• 140
• 280
• 570

ISO sensitivities can be selected between ISO 125 and 800 in 1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV steps by changing custom function 20. I've used the orange typeface to indicate a 1 stop increase in sensitivity (though not strictly true between ISO 125 and ISO 200). Custom function 31 also provides two additional 'boosted' ISO sensitivities. HI-1 represents approximately ISO 1600, HI-2 represents approximately ISO 3200. ISO sensitivity can also be selected by pressing the ISO button on the top of the camera and rolling the main command dial.

Assign FUNC

Selects the action for the FUNC button when it's used in combination with the main and sub-command dial:
Quality - Change the image quality / size.
CSM - Change custom settings.
AF Area - Change AF Area selection.
Lock - Lock shutter speed in shutter priority or aperture in aperture priority.

AF Area Mode

Selects AF Area Mode:
Dynamic Area AF - When the shutter release is half-pressed or AF-ON button is pressed the camera first focuses on the selected focus area, then attempts to track the focused subject by constantly monitoring all five AF areas.
Single Area AF - When the shutter release is half-pressed or AF-ON button is pressed the camera focuses on the selected focus area.

File Seq No.

File number sequencing option:
Off - Filename numbering is reset to zero when an empty card is detected (or card is formatted)
On - Filename numbering is sequential, that is the running number used in the filename is remembered by the camera even when blank cards are inserted.
Reset - Reset numbering to lowest number available.

Notable improvements: Clear concise easy to understand menus with descriptions. The new flexible FUNC button is a welcome change on the D1x, it allows you to have quick access to a function you use the most.