Set up Menu

The set up menu provides access to the remaining camera settings such as language, video output, date and LCD settings. It's also the place to format CF cards.

The menus are navigated using the 4-way controller, up and down to select an option, right to confirm (or enter a sub-menu) and left to cancel or return to the previous menu. The FUNC button can also be used (it has the same function as pressing the 4-way controller to the right).

Setup Menu Options

Formats the inserted Compact Flash card:
No - cancels format
Yes - format card
Choose language for menus:
D - Deutsch
E - English
F - Francais
J - Japanese
Select video output standard:
Set the cameras internal clock.
Enable GPS Input:
Off - no input
On - expect GPS data via RS232C port
Set the LCD brightness, five levels from 1 to 5.
Set monitor off timer:
10 s
20 s
1 min
5 min
10 min