Record Review

You can set the D100 to display a review of the image immediately after you take the shot. This can be a normal image view, image view with histogram, image view with highlights or image view with both. These image views are identical to the playback view (except for combined histogram and highlights). The image will remain on the LCD monitor for the 'monitor off' time (custom function 6) or until you half-press the shutter release.


Pressing the display button () shows the last image shot. Just like the D1x/D1H you can press the 4-way controller left or right to view up to seven 'pages' of image information (including exposure details, histogram etc.). Press the 4-way controller up or down to browse through images (this is remarkably quick, although it would have been nice if the command dial also performed the same function). Press the protect button () to mark images as protected or to un-protect them.

1: Default display (no information) 2: Folder, Frame count
3: Folder, Filename, Date & time, Image size, Image quality 4: Detail - Camera, Firmware, Metering, Shutter speed, Aperture, Exposure Mode, Exposure compensation, Focal length
5: Detail - ISO sensitivity, White Balance, White Balance Fine Tune, Tone, Sharpness, Color Mode, Flash Mode, Comment 6: - Histogram overlay
7: Highlights (note the blinking areas aren't necessarily completely overexposed but are 'near') Press the protect button () to mark an image as protected / un-protect

Playback Magnification

Press ENTER to 'expand' the image to a full LCD view, this removes the black border from the image but also crops the sides of the image slightly to make it fit to the LCD's 4:3 aspect ratio. The D100 has a very unique magnification system, you can hold the thumbnail button () and roll the command dial to magnify the image in the normal way. However you can instead use the sub command dial to toggle 'loupe magnify' mode.

In loupe mode a blue and red bounding box appears over the full size image, you can then reduce this (zoom) using the main command dial and thumbnail button (), position the bounding box over the area of interest and then use the sub command dial to switch out of loupe mode (display the zoom). Although this sounds a little complicated and involved (it can be at first) you soon get used to it, it's similar to what Kodak did on the DCS760.

Press ENTER to remove the borders, crops the view to 4:3 Hold the thumbnail button and roll the main command dial magnifies the image, use the 4-way controller to scroll
Or, roll the sub command dial to switch into magnify loupe mode (note, we're back to a 3:2 aspect ratio, but the bounding box is 4:3) Size the loupe bounding box to the area you wish to inspect (use the 4-way controller to move the bounding box)
Roll the sub command dial once more to switch from loupe mode to magnify mode, here's the area we selected. Neat.  

Playback thumbnail views

The D100 has two levels of thumbnail view, you simply hold the thumbnail button () and roll the main command dial, one click right for a 2 x 2 (4 image) view, two clicks for a 3 x 3 (9 image view). Use the 4-way controller to navigate the images one at a time, hold the thumbnail button () and roll the sub command dial to move a page at a time. One nice thing is that if you leave the camera in this view mode it will keep it even for record review.

One click right for a 2 x 2 thumbnail view Two clicks right for a 3 x 3 thumbnail view