Custom Settings

As we'd expect the D1 has a wide range of custom functions which will allow you to turn the D1 into a camera which suits your shooting style. The range of settings is impressive with everything from the trivial to major image processing decisions. At first it may be a little mind boggling but this amount of flexibility is an absolute requirement in a professional camera.

0: Custom settings 1: Image status
A Custom Set A *
b Custom Set B
0 Photograph is not displayed *
1 Capture, preview, confirm, save
2 Capture, record, review
Enables the creation of two groups of custom settings to enable easy switching between different circumstances. Controls how the image review (after taking a shot) is displayed.
2: EV Steps 3: Bracketing Order
3 1/3 EV increments *
2 1/2 EV increments
1 1 EV increments
0 Default *
1 Negative to positive bracketing
2 Capture, record, review
Changes the steps used for exposure adjustment: shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, auto exposure bracketing Changes the auto exposure bracketing order
4: Autofocus Activation 5: Anti-Vibration Mode
0 Shutter-release button half-press *
1 Only when AF-ON button is pressed
0 No Delay *
1 Release delay in effect
Controls how autofocus is activated Delays exposure very slightly to avoid vibration from "mirror shock" (the mirror flipping up)
6: Focus Area Selection 7: AE Lock
0 Default (no wrap around) *
1 Wrap around effect
0 Only when AE-L button is pressed *
1 AE Lock with shutter-release half-press
Allows selection of AF area to wrap around, for example with far right AF area selected pressing the right arrow will wrap around to the far left AF area. Controls when auto exposure is locked, either only when the AE-L button is pressed or when the shutter-release is half-pressed.
8: Mirror Up 9: Dynamic AF Mode in Single-Servo AF
0 Mirror down during cleaning *
1 Mirror up during cleaning
0 Closest subject priority enabled *
1 Closest subject priority disabled
Used to hold the mirror up to make it possible to clean the CCD. Activate or deactivate closest subject priority when dynamic AF is used with single-servo AF.
10: Dynamic AF Mode in Continuous-Servo AF 11: Auto / Flash Exposure Bracketing
0 Closest subject priority disabled *
1 Closest subject priority enabled
AS Flash and AE bracketing performed together*
AE Only auto-exposure bracketing
Sb Only flash exposure bracketing
Activate or deactivate closest subject priority when dynamic AF is used with continuous-servo AF. Controls whether flash exposure bracketing is used in conjunction with AE bracketing when performing auto exposure bracketing.
12: Command Dial Functions 13: Exposure Compensation Settings
0 Main shutter speed, sub aperture *
1 Sub shutter speed, main aperture
0 Press +/- button and roll main dial *
1 Just turn sub dial (or main dial in aperture priority)
Allows the control of shutter speed and aperture to be switched between the main and sub command dials. Allows exposure compensation to be made without pressing the +/- button, instead you can just roll the sub command dial (or main command dial in aperture or manual). This can be inverted by custom setting 12.
14: Center-Weighted Metering Area 15: Time Delay of Meter-Switch-Off
6 6mm circle
8 8mm circle *
10 10mm circle
13 13mm circle
A Exposure based on an average of entire frame
4 Four second delay
6 Six second delay *
8 Eight second delay
16 Sixteen second delay
Set the size of the "greatest weight" circle used to calculate exposures when using center-weighted average metering. Amount of time camera metering displays remain active after being "woken".
16: Self-Timer Duration 17: LCD Illumination
2 Two second delay
5 Five second delay
10 Ten second delay *
20 Twenty second delay
0 Only when turned to lamp icon *
1 Any button
Change the time delay in self-timer mode. Have the LCD lamps ("illuminators") come on when any camera button is pressed (useful for shooting in the dark)
18: LCD Monitor Auto Power Off 19: Aperture setting
0 Twenty seconds *
1 One minute
2 Five minutes
3 Ten minutes
0 Aperture does not change with focal len *
1 Aperture is maintained at a constant number of steps from the maximum aperture
Change amount of time before LCD will automatically turn itself off. Maintain constant aperture or maintain aperture at a value a constant number of steps from the maximum aperture.
21: AE-L/AF-L Button 22: Aperture Selection
0 AE and AF lock *
1 Just AE lock
2 Just AF lock
3 AE and AF lock and held until second press
0 Adjusted by sub command dial *
1 Adjusted with lens aperture ring
Controls the action of the AE-L/AF-L button Allow the aperture to be selected using the aperture ring on a lens rather than the sub command dial
23: Sharpening 24: Tone Compensation
0 Normal *
1 Low
2 High
3 None
0 Auto *
1 Normal
2 Low contrast
3 High contrast
CS Custom
Controls internal sharpening algorithm (not applied to RAW images), we recommend using low or none and sharpening images later (otherwise non-removable artifacts may be generated). Allows for control over the "curve" used to correct the tone of the image captured (not applied to RAW images). We recommend Auto or Normal.
25: Shooting speed in continuous mode 26: Max. number of shots in continuous mode
Ch Approx. 4.5 fps *
3 Approx. 3 fps
2 Approx. 2 fps
1 Approx. 1 fps
CL Images are not buffered (just like single mode)
21 Twenty one standard / Ten RAW *
1-20 Specify number of photographs
Set the shooting speed for continuous mode Define the maximum number of images which can be captured consecutively in continuous mode. This can be useful set to 1 as a "buffered single shot mode"
27: LCD Monitor Display Mode 28: Save RAW Images
0 Image only *
1 Image and histogram
2 Image and highlights
3 Image, histogram and highlights
0 RAW format not available *
1 RAW format available
Sets the way images are displayed in image review mode Enable or disable the use of RAW image format (as it requires the optional Nikon Capture application) - or third party tools like Bibble / QImage Pro
29: Auto File Numbering Mode 30: Shooting Mode in PC Mode
0 Auto Reset *
1 Sequential filename assignment
S Single frame shooting *
C Continuous shooting
Controls whether filenames are reset to zero every time a new / empty storage card is detected or if a sequence of file names Changes the frame-advance mode when camera is in PC mode (under computer control)
31: Sensitivity Up  
0 ISO 200, 400, 800, 1600 *
1 ISO 3200 (Hi-1)
2 ISO 6400 (Hi-2)
Controls the camera sensor sensitivity, set to 0 you can select from 200 to 1600 ISO equiv., at 1 or 2 sensitivity is locked at 3200 or 6400 ISO equiv. respectively.  

* Factory default setting