Nikon Accessories - Lenses

Since the release of the 950 Nikon have gradually expanded the range of add-on lenses available for the "9 series". We were fortunate enough to be loaned four of these lenses, the FC-E8 (Fisheye), WC-E63 (Wide angle),TC-E2 (Telephoto x2) and TC-3ED (Telephoto x3). Because Nikon have stuck to the same 28 mm lens thread all existing lenses fit and work with the 995. The new swivel limit means you no longer need a "wing" support for the lens portion when using these lenses. Plus the telephoto lenses will gain even more because of the 995's 4x zoom.

FC-E8 Fisheye
183° view angle
WC-E63 Wide angle
Converts to: 24 - 96 mm
TC-E2 Telephoto x2
Converts to: 133 - 304 mm
TC-3ED Telephoto x3
Converts to: 278 - 456 mm
All four lenses (additionally there's also the WC-E24)  

* Focal lengths above are 35 mm equivalent

Nikon Accessories - Flash Bracket

The SK-E900 Multiflash bracket enables the 995 to be connected to external flash units or studio light systems.

Nikon Accessories

Fisheye Converter
[buy online]
x0.21 (183° view angle)
Wideangle Converter
Wideangle Converter
[buy online]

Telephoto Converter
[buy online]
Telephoto Converter
[buy online]
Slide copying adapter
[buy online]
Remote Cord
MC-EU1 [buy online]
Shutter release, zoom control, Interval, Playback control, 80 cm (31.5") cord.

Other accessories (no pictures):

  • Multi-Flash Bracket SK-E900 [buy online]
  • TTL Multi-Flash adapter AS-10
  • CompactFlash Cards
  • PC Card Adapter EC-AD1 [buy online]

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