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Play Setup Menu

The Setup pages allow more detailed control over camera operation (rather than image / photographic control). The menu itself is spread over two pages which are accessed by scrolling down off the bottom of one page (as indicated by the small white down arrow here).

Monitor Options

Set LCD monitor display options:

Brightness - set monitor brightness, total of five levels
Hue - set monitor hue, total of eleven levels

Shutter Sound

Sets shutter sound / menu confirm sound option:
On - camera "beeps" every time a shot is taken
Off - no sound is used for shutter release

Auto Off

Set inactivity power-off time (play mode):
30 seconds
1 minute
5 minutes
30 minutes

CF Card Format

Formats Compact Flash card, all data is erased including hidden and protected images.


Set the camera's internal clock, date format can also be selected:
Month / Day / Year
Day / Month / Year
Year / Month / Day

Video Mode

Select video output format:
NTSC (default for US / Japan)
PAL (default for Europe / SE Asia)


Select display language (European model):