Record Menu contd.

Auto Off

Set inactivity power-off time (record mode):
30 seconds
1 minute
5 minutes
30 minutes

Seq. Numbers

Controls filename sequence number behaviour:
On - files use a continuous running number in their filename
Off - files running number is reset when a blank card is inserted
Reset - reset current running number

CF Card Format

Formats Compact Flash card, all data is erased including hidden and protected images.

Record: Setup Menu

Speedlight Options

Sets various speed light (flash) options:

Variable power - allows you to adjust the output power of the onboard flash by +/-2 EV in 0.3 EV steps (12 levels)
Int Flash Off - disable internal flash for use with external flash units (note you can use the internal and external flash simultaneously)
Shot Confirm Lamp - when enabled the red-eye reduction / self-timer lamp beside the flash will light every time a single shot is taken

Shutter Sound

Sets shutter sound / menu confirm sound option:
On - camera "beeps" every time a shot is taken
Off - no sound is used for shutter release


Set the camera's internal clock, date format can also be selected:
Month / Day / Year
Day / Month / Year
Year / Month / Day


The 995 now allows you to control the generation of the "info.txt" file which contains exposure information for each shot:
Off (default)

Click here for an example info.txt entry.

Video Mode

Select video output format:
NTSC (default for US / Japan)
PAL (default for Europe / SE Asia)


Select display language (European model):

Disable Delete

A new option introduced with the 995 allows you to disable the ability to delete images or format the CF card:

Could be a useful feature if you want to hand the camera to your children for half an hour...