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Image Adjustment

Enables in-camera post-processing filters which adjust the brightness and contrast of the image after it's taken but before it's written to the CF card.

Auto - Camera automatically chooses an image adjustment
More / Less Contrast - adjust contrast
Lighten / Darken Image - adjust brightness

An interesting feature which gives the photographer good control over the cameras internal processing algorithms, something which is normally beyond our reach.

Saturation Control

New to the 995 (and definitely sought after) is the ability to control the overall saturation of colours in the final image (again, is related to Image Adjustment, above).
Maximum - produces strong, saturated colours, Nikon say "best for direct print applications"
Normal - standard colours (same as 990)
Moderate - less saturated colours
Minimum - relatively pale, under saturated colours
B&W - black and white (no special channel mixing, just grayscale)

People who lust after strong colours and who like the colour reproduction of (say) the Sony DSC series would probably leave this setting at +1 (we'll cover this in more detail later in the review).


Switches the camera into special modes depending on the optional lens attachment used. Each of these modes is intended to work with Nikon Coolpix lenses. Additionally there's now support for Nikon's own Slide Copy adapter.

Details of these optional lenses can be found in the Accessories section of this review.

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User Setting

The user settings menu allows you to choose between three different "memories" of settings each memory contains the values of various settings (white balance, metering, continuous mode, BSS mode, lens, image adjustment and sharpening).

This feature can be useful for memorizing particular settings for shooting in a particular environment or a style of shot, or if the camera is shared by up to three people.

Exposure Options: AE Lock / Exposure compen. / Exposure mode

The Exposure Options menu is split into three sub-menus:

AE Lock allows you to lock the exposure and white balance to the first of a sequence of shots (useful for shooting panoramas).
EXP +/- contains the same setting / value as the exposure compensation available from the exposure compensation button on the body.
Exposure Mode is an optional way to select the current exposure mode (P/A/S/M), only useful if MODE isn't programmed to one of the FUNC keys.

Focus Options: AF Area Mode / AF Mode / Focus Confirm / Distance Units

The Focus Options menu is split into four sub-menus:

AF Area Mode is used to switch between Auto area selection (camera chooses closest AF area) or Manual area selection where you select the AF area mode using the 4-way direction pad
AF Mode chooses the focusing system either continuous AF (camera focuses non-stop while LCD is on) or single AF, the more traditional half-press of shutter release triggers the auto focus system.
Focus Confirmation sets the camera's focus confirmation to be used either during manual focus only, not at all or all the time. ("digital ground glass")
Distance Units - select between metres or feet for display of distance units (manual focus)

Image Sharpening

This option gives you control over the cameras sharpening algorithm which is applied before the image is saved, interestingly if you set it to Auto it will pick Low more often than not.

Auto - camera automatically selects sharpening setting based on scene content and other settings.
High - sets sharpening to High
Normal - sets sharpening to Normal
Low - sets sharpening to Low
Off- disables in-camera sharpening

Auto Bracketing: Bracketing setting / White balance Bracketing

The Auto Bracketing menu has three options and a sub-menu:

Off - no auto bracketing
On - auto bracketing enabled, select from 3 or 5 images in steps of 0.3, 0.7 or 1.0 EV. Example: 3, +/0.7 would produce exposure adjustment of: +0.7 EV, 0 EV, - 0.7 EV.
WB Bracketing - sets camera to bracket three shots, one at normal white balance, one cooler (towards blue) and one warmer (towards red).

Noise Reduction

Another new feature to the 995, enabling Noise Reduction appears to remove long exposure "stuck pixels" (by "dark frame subtraction")

On - noise reduction enabled
Off - noise reduction disabled

Reset All

Resets the camera back to its factory defaults, all custom and programmed settings will be lost.

No - cancel and return to menu
Reset - reset settings