Play mode controls

Switching into PLAY mode by default displays the last image taken (naturally), the CP950 has an interesting way of displaying the image (similar to the Minolta Dimage EX1500). It first displays the low-resolution thumbnail (stretched to the whole display), this happens VERY quickly (within a second) if you don't press the zoom buttons (which are now the next / previous image buttons) about two seconds later (25 seconds for a TIFF file) a higher resolution image is overlayed. This technique allows you to quickly flip through the images without having to wait for the camera to decode the full image (unless you just wait and let it).

As you can see by default the date and time, the folder name, filename, image quality and frame counter are displayed on the screen.

(Composite image made from two screen captures)

Rolling the command wheel () while an image is displayed overlays detailed image information, shown in the composite image above (each half is a separate CP950 screen). Comment: great feature, would have been nice to see the Focal Length as a 35mm equivelant here.

In playback mode the back-of-camera control buttons serve different purposes as indicated by the cream coloured icon above them, also the zoom button converts into the image previous / next button. Play controls described below: (in PLAY mode)

Just pressing the button:
Switch LCD between full information / just image / LCD off.
Enter RECORD menu (described later).
Scroll one image forward or backward.
Delete current image (a Yes/No menu is displayed)
Switch between single image display and nine image thumbnail view.
Zoom in 2x or 4x (see below) or mark images for deletion / hiding / protecting / printing.

Pressing the zoom button allows you to examine the image at either 2x or 3x zoom.

Here you can see the two different zoom levels, the top being 2x and bottom being 3x.

Rotating the command wheel () scrolls the view to any one of the nine (9) viewing positions allowing you to examine the image in detail very quickly and easily. The small indicator on the top-left shows where you are on the image.

This is a feature sorely missed from older cameras and is very useful for checking focus / hand blur.

Future development comment: it would be nice to see this as an option in RECORD mode just after you've taken the shot (or even an overlay to the review image).

Note: zooming in and out and scrolling is virtually instant <1s delay.

Slideshow: Playback in slideshow mode does not perform the low-then-high quality image replay but only shows the high quality image.