Rear of camera controls

I am surprised to see Nikon sticking with the slightly outdated separate record / play mode switch instead of simply having a shooting priority play button which would allow you to quickly return to record mode at the tap of the shutter release.

Buttons (Record mode)


Toggles between the EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) and LCD monitor. This happens automatically when the LCD monitor is opened or closed.
W / T

Zoom Wide / Telephoto

Zoom towards wide angle (35 mm equiv.) or telephoto (280 mm equiv.). The 8700 provides the option to change the zoom speed between High and Low. In High speed mode a full zoom takes 2.2 seconds, in Low speed mode it takes approximately 2.5 seconds (as zoom speed reverts to High half way through the zoom range if you continue to hold the zoom button).


Enter or leave record mode menu.
Quick Review / Play

• Press once for quarter screen "quick review" of last shot
• Press again for play mode
• Half-press of shutter release cancels quick review / play mode
Multi selector

When"AF Area Mode" is set to Manual then pressing the multi selector selects the AF area spot, current spot is indicated on the main LCD by a red bracket.
DISP Display

Toggles between live view overlay modes:

• Settings overlaid
• Settings overlaid with live histogram
• No settings, framing guides overlaid
• Only battery, flash and focus indicators overlaid

Buttons (Play mode)

Thumbnail index

Switches to a 2x2 (4 image) thumbnail index, press again to switch to a 3x3 (9 image) index. If the image is magnified pressing the zoom lever in this direction steps out of magnification.

Magnify image

Magnify the image between 1.2x and 6.0x, use the multi selector to scroll around the magnified image, press the shutter release button to create a cropped copy of the image.

Enter or leave the play menu.
Multi selector

Press right or down to browse forward through images, left or up to browse backwards through images.

Displays a delete confirmation dialog, if a voice memo is attached to the image provides the option to just delete the voice memo.
DISP Display

Toggles between overlay modes:

• Basic information overlaid
• Nothing overlaid