Record mode display (Auto / Scene mode)

Here is an example of Auto exposure mode (User setting 'Auto'). Available function are limited and the camera menu simply allows for selection of User setting. Here is an example of a Scene exposure mode (User setting 'Scene'). The on screen display and availability of features will depend on the selected scene mode.

Record mode display (P, S, A, M)

In these modes you can choose from one of four different levels / types of overlaid information, press the DISP button to toggle through each.

1: Settings overlaid 2: Settings overlaid with live histogram
3: No settings, framing guides overlaid 4: Only battery, flash and focus indicators overlaid

Typical record mode screens

Here we have already half-pressed the shutter release, auto focus has locked (red brackets and green AF dot) and exposure is locked. This example is using automatic AF area selection (the camera has chosen the center area), you can also opt for manual AF area selection (example here) and use the multi selector to select the required area. After shooting a review image is displayed along with the hourglass icon indicating that the image is being written. This record review is shown for approximately two seconds but can be interrupted at any time by half-pressing the shutter release. The 8400 doesn't allow you to hold or delete the image at this stage, nor does it provide a review histogram.
For a second look at the last image taken press the 'QUICK' (review) button, this will upon the first press display a quarter frame size review (overlaid on the live view) and on the second press switch to a shooting priority play mode (basic Play functions apart from the menu).
Example of Manual Exposure (M) mode, note that as you change either shutter speed or aperture an exposure 'difference' bar is displayed, each dot representing 0.3 EV difference between the selected exposure and the metered exposure. Example of Movie mode, here we're in 'Small movie 320' (15 fps) mode which is limited only by storage space.

Manual Focus

The Coolpix 8400 doesn't display focus distance on-screen but instead simply represents the current manual focus position with a bar graph.