Rear of camera controls

The rear of the 8400 isn't that different to the Coolpix 5400, it's had a slight re-organization and tidy up but the overall layout is similar. The AE/AF-L and zoom controller are located 'under your thumb' and adjacent to the command dial. Below this are four buttons and the four way controller beside the LCD monitor. Below the LCD monitor are the AF/MF and EVF/LCD selector buttons.


  Shooting mode Play mode
Program shift / exposure value

Turn the command dial in Program AE mode to shift the exposure. In other manual modes it is used to select shutter speed or aperture.
Information page

Change information overlay page:

• Normal detail
• EXIF data page one
• EXIF data page two
• EXIF data page three
• Thumbnail image, histogram, exposure
• Exposure, AF area

No function / Select AF area

By default moving the 4-way controller in shooting mode has no function, however if manual AF area mode is active you can move the AF area to any one of the nine available.


Press Right or Up to browse forward through images on the CF card, Left or Down to browse back through images.


Shooting mode

Play mode

Auto Exposure / Auto Focus Lock

Press and hold this button to lock Auto Exposure and/or Auto Focus, you can modify the function of this button to any one of three settings:

• AE-L & AF-L
• AE-L
• AF-L

No function
W / T Zoom

Changes the lens focal length, there are a total of 13 zoom steps from wide to telephoto.

Press Tele to magnify the image (up to 10x) or Wide to enter a thumbnail index mode (two levels, either 2x2 or 3x3).

Enters the current mode menu (all menus described in detail later in this review).
QUICK Quick Review

Press once for a quarter size 'quick review' of the last shot, press again for a shooting priority play mode.
No function
No function Quick Playback Zoom

Press to display a quick 3x enlargement of the image with a 9x9 grid indicating the current area.

• 10 sec
• 3 sec
• Off

Erase the currently displayed image, requires confirmation from a Yes/No dialog.
DISP Display mode

Press to toggle through record display overlay modes:

• Normal overlay
• Normal with live histogram
• Just AF bracket and thirds grid
• Just AF bracket
Display overlay

Toggles the display overlay on or off.
MF-AF Focus mode

Hold the AF button and turn the command dial to focus manually. A single press of the AF button selects Focus mode (listed below).

• Auto Focus (normal range)
• Infinity Focus (locked)
• Macro Auto Focus
No function
SEL Monitor

Toggles between the EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) and LCD monitor. This happens automatically when the LCD monitor is opened or closed (if in EVF mode).