Manual White balance

The Coolpix 800 features the same manual preset white balance feature as found on the rest of the Coolpix family, goto the record menu, select white balance and choose "manual preset", then aim the camera at a white wall or white sheet of paper which is lit by the same light as the subject, hit MEASURE and you've got perfect white balance. Neat, works, all digicams should have it (most modern, decent, digicams do).

Incandescent White Balance
Still too yellow...
Manual White Balance
Perfect "white is white" (don't you wish your washing powder could get this white?, call 1-800-NikonWash)

Internal Flash

Internal flash on the 800 is pretty powerful, well measured and works fairly well, though I did find the white balance to be out on a few occasions.

Full wall shot taken from about 4m away shows some drop-off at the edges but overall good performance. Skin-tone test goes a bit cyan, not too bad but that white balance is a little worrying (results were variable) Macro flash, well measured and accurate. This was taken with manual focus of 0.07m (7cm).

New Ultra-HS Burst Mode

The new Ultra-HS Burst Mode allows the camera to shoot at 30fps for up to 40 320 x 240 images, at first I questioned the usefulness of this features.. I suppose I still do really but it did enable me to take this rather interesting sequence of a droplet of water (click on the still image to view the Quicktime movie..).

Other Features

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