Just like its bigger brother the Coolpix 995, the 775 allows you to control the amount of post-capture sharpening applied to the image. It offers five different sharpening levels plus an 'Auto' mode which appears to select between Low and Normal depending on image content. Using the Auto setting did seem to be the best option, although purists may prefer to leave it set to Low to avoid sharpening artifacts (halos around dark detail). Images shown below are 100% center crops (240 x 180) of images taken with different sharpening settings.

Sharpening: Auto (looks like Normal) Sharpening: Normal
Sharpening: High Sharpening: Low
Sharpening: None  

Macro focus mode

Selecting macro focus on the 775 limits the zoom range to a maximum of approximately 59 mm equiv. (1.6x zoom), we assume that this is because past this distance minimum subject distance becomes to great. In our test the macro 'sweet spot' (maximum frame coverage) was found at full wide angle where the camera could get as close as 4 cm (1.6 in) across the entire frame. However, at this wide angle setting there's fairly obvious barrel distortion and visible chromatic aberrations on bright details. Shooting at full macro telephoto (approx. 59 mm equiv.) barrel distortion was eliminated but subject distance was far greater and frame coverage was increased to approximately 5 cm (2.0 in).

Subject macro (@ full wide angle) Measuring macro (@ full wide angle)
Measuring macro (@ full macro tele)  

Low Light Focus

In a new addition to our reviews we'll now be measuring the minimum amount of light under which the camera can still focus. The focus target is our lens distortion test chart (shown here on the right), camera is positioned exactly 2 m (6.6 ft) away. Light levels are gradually dropped until the camera can no longer focus.

This test target is the optimum type of subject for most "contrast detect" AF systems (as it has a vertical line at its center), if the subject were less easy to focus upon then you would need more light.

A fairly respectable low light focus ability (even without an AF assist lamp), the 775 manages to focus even when the image on the LCD is so dark you can hardly make out any detail.

Internal Flash

The 775's little flash is quite powerful for an ultra-compact, it has a rated range of 3.0m (9 ft 10 in) at full wide angle, and going by our tests we'd have no reason to doubt that. However the flash did produce a strange (very slightly) darker line across our white wall test. Other than that exposures tended to be very slightly underexposed (could be corrected with a +0.3 or +0.7 EV exposure compensation) but colours were accurate with no cast.

Skin tone test, good colour, slightly underexposed. Wide-angle wall shot test, 2 m (6.6 ft) away from the wall. Good power for such a small flash, but a strange dark line cast across the middle. Colour chart flash exposure. Good exposure, accurate colours without any noticeable cast.

Movie Clips

The Coolpix 775 has a limited movie clip mode, this allows you to shoot 320 x 240 movies for a maximum of 1

The Coolpix 775 has a limited movie clip mode, this allows you to shoot 320 x 240 movies for a maximum of 15 seconds (without any audio).

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