Top of camera controls

Top of camera we find several multi-function controls, from left to right (in record mode):

Picture mode:
Just tapping this switches between Landscape, Macro, Self-timer and Normal mode, holding the button down and using the rear up/down arrows enables manual focus in 10 steps: 0.1m, 0.2m, 0.3m, 0.5m, 0.7m, 1m, 1.5m, 3m, 10m, Infinity. (note that if "DIST ft." is selected through setup these distances are represented in feet).

EV compensation:
Holding the button down and using the rear up/down arrows allows for exposure compensation +/-2EV in 0.3EV steps.
Quality selection:
Switches between the four available picture qualities: HI (TIFF uncompressed), FINE (JPEG 1:4), NORMAL (JPEG 1:8) and BASIC (JPEG 1:16).
Flash modes:
Auto anti-red eye, Forced on, Slow sync, Auto, Forced off

You'll note that below the last three buttons are play mode indicators, in play mode these buttons double-up as delete / thumbnail / zoom&select buttons. Top right you can see the main operating mode switch which changes between OFF, Auto REC, Manual REC and PLAY modes.

Rear of camera controls

The back of the camera is very simple, just four buttons.

Monitor: toggle the LCD between on & overlayed info, on & just picture, off.

Menu: enter / leave menu mode.

Up/down arrows: digital zoom / manual focus in record mode, next or previous picture in play mode and scroll through options in menus.

Play mode controls

Switching to Play mode instantly reviews the last shot taken, you then have various options as described below (all other functions are within the menu described on the next page).

As you can see by default the date and time, the folder name, filename, image quality and frame counter are displayed on the screen.

On the 700 there is no way to display the exposure information after the shot (on camera, you can of course do it later on your PC/Mac).

Pressing the () button displays thumbnail mode where you can scroll through a whole page of thumbnails, differently on the 700 you have two levels of thumbnail, a 3x3 view seen here and also a 2x2 view.
Zooming by pressing the ( ) button first gives you a 2x and pressing again a 3x zoom into the image, note on the 700 you can't scroll around the image when zoomed in.

You can also delete the current image by pressing () (Yes/No confirmation is displayed before deletion).