Battery Compartment

The 700's battery compartment must be opened by pushing in a retaining latch and sliding the door outwards.

Cunningly (and probably unknown to Nikon), this button also acts as a reset button if pressed hard enough, inside the small plastic back to the button presses the third battery off its contacts and thus resets the camera.

The familiar battery layout which is almost the same as the 950, except that the compartment fit is a little tighter (you have to shake it to drop the batteries out) and that the batteries are (top to bottom) in the opposite polarity (-/+/-/+) to the 950 (+/-/+/-).

Compact Flash Compartment

I'm glad to report that CF compartment door on the 700 is MUCH better than that of the 950, it's design means that the hinge slides back into the camera rather than being fixed and upright (as with the 950), also the "friction latches" are much thicker and generally firmer.

The ejector button isn't the flip-over type but just a simple press to eject, there's even a recessed cut-out for easy extraction of the CF card (get the feeling they designed the 700 sometime after the 950?, or mayabe they just have more physical design space on the 700).


On left hand side of the camera behind a rubber door you'll find the video out, DC in (6.5V +ve center) and serial (PC & Mac) connector. Supplied is the standard set of cables including serial and video.

There is no external flash connector on the 700.

Supplied Accessories ("In the box")

Here's a quick breakdown of the items supplied with the camera, first the same (but smaller) soft case a supplied with the 950 (has a belt loop on the back).

A single hand wrist strap (blue & pink.. mmm lovely).

8MB CF card, lens cap (with a loop hole for a string they don't supply... crazy), Mac serial adapter cable, serial cable (9-pin PC native), video cable.
Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE and NikonView CD.