Play mode display

This is the default playback view, the last image taken overlaid with various items of information. As you can see the 5700 uses a 'rough thumbnail' to initially display the image, this is fairly quickly replaced by a finer detailed image. You can remove the information overlay by pressing the DISP button.

Pressing the 4-way direction pad left/up (prev) or right/down (next) navigates through the images on the storage card.

Image information displays

In addition to the above display mode there are also four other display "pages", these are accessed by simply rolling the command dial, one click per page. The first two pages cover camera settings and exposure information, the third page displays basic exposure information along with a histogram and highlighted overexposed areas of the image, the final page uses the focus confirmation sharpening filter to indicate the exact focus point on the image, the chosen AF area for the exposure as well as basic exposure information.

Page one: camera name, firmware, metering mode, exposure mode, shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, focal length (native), focus mode. Page two: flash (speed light), image adjustment, sensitivity (ISO equiv.), white balance, saturation, sharpness, digital zoom, lens converter, file size (KB).
Page three: thumbnail with overexposed areas highlighted (blinking), basic exposure information and exposure histogram. Page four: basic exposure information, AF area selected for focus. Image is "sharpened" as per focus confirmation mode.

Image magnification

The 5700 provides playback magnification up to 6.0x. Magnification levels are selectable from 1.2x to 6.0x in 0.2x steps, you simply press and hold the T(ele) zoom button to zoom on, press the W(ide) button to return to normal "full size" image. Once magnified the image can be scrolled using the 4-way direction pad.

Half way to full magnification, 3.0x. Full magnification, 6.0x.

Thumbnail displays

Two thumbnail views are available on the 5700, a 2 x 2 (4 image) and 3 x 3 (9 image) view. Each can be accessed by pressing either the W(ide) zoom control or the thumbnail (flash) button. With a thumbnail view active you use the 4-way direction pad to navigate around the thumbs, roll the command wheel to scroll through "pages" of thumbnails.

2 x 2 thumbnails 3 x 3 thumbnails