Lens Barrel controls

Nikon's designers, making good use of the additional real estate on the left side of the lens barrel have moved (and added) four control buttons. These buttons are logically placed to be operated by the thumb of your left hand. New to Nikon but we have seen it before on other brand cameras.

On slight disappointment here is that Nikon appear to have missed the opportunity for a manual 'focus-by-wire' focus ring, something other 5 mp prosumer cameras have.

Buttons (Shooting mode only)

Press button
Hold button and turn
command dial
Switches through each flash

• Auto Flash
• Flash Cancel
• Auto Anti-Redeye
• Fill-in Flash
• Slow Sync

Select ISO sensitivity:

• Auto
• 400
• 200
• 100

Select image quality:

• RAW (Nikon NEF) *
• FINE (4:1 JPEG)
• BASIC (16:1 JPEG)

Select image size:

• Full (2560 x 1920)
• UXGA (1600 x 1200)
• SXGA (1280 x 960)
• XGA (1024 x 768)
• VGA (640 x 480)
• 3:2 (2560 x 1700)
Auto Exposure &/ Auto Focus Lock button. Press and hold this button to lock Auto Focus and/or Auto Exposure. No function
Select auto focus mode:

• Normal AF
• Landscape (Infinity lock)
• Macro Focus
• Macro Focus + Self Timer
Manual focus

(Note that the camera no longer provides a distance readout in manual focus mode, instead a focus bar is displayed)

* Requires supplied Nikon View 5.1 (Editor) or optional Nikon Capture 3.0, does not work with older version of Nikon Capture

Rear of camera controls

Interesting to see that Nikon has left the play / record switch on the 5700. The new 4500 does away with the concept of a separate play and record mode (and thus becomes a shooting priority camera), instead you simply use the Quick Review button to enter Play mode (which you can of course still do on the 5700).


Shooting mode

Playback mode
Toggles between the EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) and LCD monitor. This happens automatically when the LCD monitor is opened or closed. No action. Display automatically switches to the LCD monitor even if previously set to EVF.
W / T Zoom towards full Wide angle (35 mm) or Telephoto (280 mm)
Enter thumbnail view mode or Magnify image
MENU Enter or leave mode menu
Quick Review / Play:

• Press once for quarter screen "quick review" of last shot
• Press again for play mode
• Half-press of shutter release cancels quick review / play mode
No action.
When"AF Area Mode" is set to Manual then pressing the 4-way direction pad selects the AF area spot, current spot is indicated on the main LCD by a red bracket. Browse images
Erase an image before it is saved during record review (after shot is taken). Erase an image (requires confirmation).
DISP Switches EVF/LCD display between:

• Detail hidden
• Detail shown