All of the Coolpix 5700's connectors are behind a single rubber door on the left side (from the rear) of the camera. Behind this rubber door you will find (top to bottom): DC-IN connector (for use with optional AC adapter), A/V out jack and USB connector.

Tripod Mount / Camera Base

On the bottom of the Coolpix 5700 you'll find a metal tripod mount along with a hard rubber 'foot'. Unfortunately the tripod mount is not in line with the lens, this won't help those intending to shoot panoramas.

Secondly the lens itself has nothing to hold itself horizontal to the ground. This means that if you rest the camera on a flat surface the lens is pointing downwards by about 2 degrees.

Pop-up Flash

The 5700 has a pop-up flash unit which is electronically activated. In auto mode the flash will pop up when the camera detects light levels are too low for a non-flash shot. Otherwise the flash will only pop up if the flash mode is set to on. Via a menu option you can also choose to have the flash pop-up when you press the flash button, this to me is more logical and is a welcome addition.

Hotshoe / External Flash

The Coolpix 5700's flash hotshoe is of the ISO 518 standard type and supports Nikon's Speedlights SB-80DX, 50DX, 30, 29*, 28DX, 28, 27*, 26, 25, 24 ,23* ,22s. Show in the shot below with Nikon's SB-50DX Speedlight (looks a little more balanced than the 5000 did). Note that the 5700 does not support power zoom (it will not zoom the flash), nor does it support the AF-assist lamp or red-eye reduction systems built into some of these flash units.

* Use TTL Cord SC-17 with SB-29/27/23

Box contents

Box contents may vary by region:

• Nikon Coolpix 5700 digital camera
• Compact Flash Card & case
• Nikon EN-EL1 Lithium-Ion battery & cap
• Nikon MH-53 battery charger & power cable
• Video cable (RCA jack)
• USB cable
• Lens cap & string
• Shoulder strap
• User manual
• CD-ROM's (Nikon View etc.)

Nikon Accessories

Because of the size of the new 8x lens old Coolpix add-on lenses won't work with the 5700. To counter this Nikon has introduced a new hood, thread adapter, wide angle converter and telephoto converter.

Lithium-Ion battery

Remote Cord
MC-EU1 [buy]
Camera Case NEW
CS-E5700 *

Thread Adapter NEW
Wide angle converter NEW
x0.8 [buy]
(requires UR-E8)
Telephoto converter NEW
x1.5 [buy]
(requires UR-E8)

Lens Hood NEW
Battery Pack / Grip NEW

* Not available in the USA.