Play Menu

Pressing the MENU button in play mode displays the play menu.

The menu is split over two tabbed sections which can be accessed by pressing MENU, cursor off the page (press left) and cursor down, or simply scrolling down to the bottom of one page and onto the next. * Cursor refers to the 4-way direction pad.

Play Menu: Page One

Play menu Options Notes
Delete  • Selected Images
    • 3 x 2 thumbnail index [clip]
 • All Images
 • Print Set
 • Transfer

Selectively or globally delete images. Also allows you to cancel 'Print Set' settings (DPOF) as well as Transfer marks.


 • Options
    • New
    • Rename
    • Delete
 • All Folders

Select, create, rename or remove folders on the storage card.
Slide Show  • Start
 • Frame Interval
    • 2 secs
    • 3 secs
    • 5 secs
    • 10 secs
Protect  • 3 x 2 thumbnail index [clip] Mark images as 'read only' on the CF filesystem. This does not protect them against formatting.
Hide Image  • 3 x 2 thumbnail index [clip] Hides images from in-camera browsing.
Print Set  • 3 x 2 thumbnail index [clip] Mark images for printing by creating a special 'print list' file (works with DPOF compatible printer / service).
Auto Transfer

 • Selected Photos
    • 3 x 2 thumbnail index [clip]
 • All Photos

Mark images for automatic transfer to base computer when connected (USB), requires Nikon View to be installed.

Play Menu: Setup

Setup menu Options Notes
Monitor Options  • Brightness
 • Hue
Set the LCD brightness and hue from this menu.
Shutter Sound  • On
 • Off
Auto Off  • 30 sec
 • 1 min
 • 5 min
 • 30 min
Control the record mode power saving auto off timer.
CF Card Format  • No
 • Format
Date Set Date & Time  
Video Mode  • NTSC
 • PAL
Language  • D(eutsch)
 • E(nglish)
 • F(rancais)
 • J(apanese)
 • E(S)panol
Menu language