Rear of camera controls

The rear of the camera has a relatively straightforward layout, the AE/AF-L button and zoom controller located strategically 'under your thumb'. Below this four buttons and the 4-way controller beside the LCD monitor. Note that the 4-way controller has an integrated 'SET' button in its center.


Shooting mode

Play mode

Auto Exposure / Auto Focus Lock

Press and hold this button to lock Auto Exposure and/or Auto Focus, you can modify the function of this button to any one of three settings:

 • AE-L & AF-L
 • AE-L
 • AF-L

No operation
W / T Zoom

Changes the lens focal length, there are a total of 20 steps (more than average) between wide angle and telephoto.

Press Tele to magnify the image or Wide to enter a thumbnail index mode (two levels, either 2x2 or 3x3).

Enters the current mode menu (all menus described in detail later in this review).
AF Auto Focus / Manual Focus

Hold the AF button and roll the command dial to focus manually, there are a total of 71 manual focus positions between 1 cm and Infinity. A single press of the AF button selects an Auto Focus mode (listed below).

 • Auto Focus (normal range)
 • Infinity Focus (locked)
 • Macro Auto Focus
 • Macro Auto Focus & Self-timer

Erase the currently displayed image, requires confirmation from a Yes/No dialog.
QUICK Quick Review

Press once for a quarter size 'quick review' of the last shot, press again for a shooting priority play mode.
Small Picture

Create a 'Small Picture' copy of the current image (for e-mail etc.) The size of image created can be preset to 640 x 480, 320 x 240 or 160 x 120.