Nikon Accessories - Lenses / Hood

Since the Coolpix 950 Nikon has provided an expanding range of quality add-on lenses for their higher range of Coopix digital cameras. The advent of the Coolpix 5000 has thrown some challenges at the door of the accessory designers but once more we have a range of four add-on lenses for the Coolpix 5000 including a new wide-angle lens which can provide a widest angle of 19 mm (equiv.). All focal lengths mentioned below are 35 mm equiv.

All four lenses, HN-E5000 lens hood plus UR-E5 and UR-E6 lens thread adapters. HN-E5000 Lens Hood (metal) [buy]
UR-E5 Adapter (provides a 46 mm thread)
Required for WC-E68 [buy]
WC-E68 Wide 0.68x (requires UR-E5)
Converts to: 19 - 58 mm *1 [buy]
UR-E6 Adapter (provides a 28 mm thread)
Required for FC-E8, TC-E2, TC-E3ED [buy]
FC-E8 Fisheye 0.21x (requires UR-E6)
TC-E2 Telephoto 2x (requires UR-E6)
Converts to: 139 - 170 mm *2 [buy]
TC-E3ED Telephoto 3x (requires UR-E6)
Converts to: 306 mm *3 [buy]

*1 Full range of zoom is available
*2 Camera limits zoom range to three 'steps' from maximum zoom to avoid vignetting
*3 When using the TC-E3ED the camera locks zoom at full telephoto and engages a 1.2x digital zoom to avoid vignetting (not ideal)

As with previous Coolpix digital cameras the 5000 has a dedicated 'LENS' menu option which enables you to 'prepare' the camera for the connected lens. Primarily this simply limits the focal length zoom range to avoid vignetting. It's disappointing to see that with the 3x TC-E3ED the 5000 has to engage a 1.2x digital zoom, this will have a detremental effect on image quality. All lenses and adapters are made from metal and lens quality and construction is top notch.

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