Scene Menu

Pressing the MENU button in Scene record mode displays the scene mode selection menu. Each scene mode is represented by an icon, use the multi selector to select the required scene mode then press it in or press the MENU button to select that mode.

Each scene mode is described below.

Scene modes

Scene exposure mode offers the same number of menu options (camera control) as Auto, that is: Image Quality, Image Size and Exposure Compensation. Other notes are:

  • White balance is set to AUTO or a pre-programmed preset
  • Flash mode can be changed (depends on scene mode, see table below)
  • Some scene modes use an image adjustment (S-curve / tone) to enhance the image
Scene Mode Flash mode Focus mode Notes
(some from Coolpix 4500 manual)

• Any • Auto
• Self-timer
Use for portraits. Camera uses largest possible aperture to provide narrow depth of field. Focus area can be selected. *

• Any • Auto
• Self-timer
Use to capture background details or the effects of candlelight and other indoor lighting. *

Night Portrait
• Auto Red-Eye Reduction • Auto
• Self-timer
Use when shooting portraits against a backdrop of night scenery. *

• Any • Any Slowest shutter speed 1/60 sec. Use for bright subjects such as snowfields, beaches, and sunlight expanses of water.

• Flash Cancel • Landscape (infinity)
• Self-timer
Use to enhance outlines, colors, and contrast in skyscapes, forests, and other landscape shots.

• Any (default Cancel) • Auto
• Landscape (infinity)
• Self-timer
Use to preserve the deep hues seen in sunsets and sunrises. *

Night Landscape
• Flash Cancel • Landscape (infinity)
• Self-timer
Use when taking landscape shots a night. Noise reduction is automatically enabled. **

• Flash Cancel • Auto
• Macro
• Self-timer
Use where a flash is prohibited. Best Shot Selector (BSS) is automatically enabled. *

Fireworks Show
• Flash Cancel • Landscape (infinity)

Use to capture the expanding burst of light from a firework. Slow shutter speeds. **

Close up
• Any (default Cancel) • Macro
• Self-timer
Use to capture vivid colors in close-up shots of flowers, insects, and other small objects. Focus area can be selected. *

• Any (default Cancel) • Any Use to copy text and line drawings from a white board or from a book or other printed matter.

Back Light
• Flash Fill • Auto
• Self-timer
Use when light is coming from behind your subject, throwing their features into shadow.

Multiple Exposure
• Any (default Cancel) • Any Two exposures are combined to form a single image. First exposure it is super-imposed over the live view for the second shot.
-1.0 EV comp. recommended.

Panorama Assist
• Any (default Cancel) • Any The 4500's new Panorama Assist mode overlays the edge of the last shot on the live view frame which helps to align the next frame.

• Any (default Cancel) • Any Camera uses fastest possible shutter speed to help freeze sports action shots.

• Flash Cancel • Auto
• Self-timer
Used to preserve colours seen in weak natural light before sunrise and after sunset. Noise reduction automatically enabled. *

* Support camera with both hands, brace elbows against your torso.
** Use a tripod or place the camera on a level surface such as a wall or table.

Shooting Menu

Pressing the MENU button in one of the manual record modes (P, S, A or M) overlays the record menu shown on left over the live scene preview.

Note that the menu system, while similar to the 995 has been improved with clear descriptive text and for each option a separate setup menu (tabs along the top of the screen).

With an option highlighted you can roll the command dial to change that option's setting or you can press the right arrow to open up the menu and select an option from this expanded menu. In the menu options table below you can click on the [clip] link to see an example of that configuration page.

Shooting Menu

Shooting Menu Options Notes
White Balance
 • Auto
 • White Balance Preset
 • Fine *
 • Incandescent *
 • Fluorescent *
 • Cloudy *
 � Speedlight (Flash) *

Choose the current white balance mode, those white balance settings marked with a * can be fine tuned +/-3 levels. [clip]

 • Matrix
 • Spot
 • Center-Weighted Average
 • Spot AF Area
- 256-segment matrix metering
- Meters only a small central portion
- 80% to the central quarter
- Spot meter only selected AF area
Continuous Mode

 • Single
 • Continuous
 • Multi-Shot 16
 • HS Sequence
 • Ultra HS
 • Movie

- Approx. 1.5 fps
- 16 568x426 frames on an image
- SXGA or smaller, 3 fps
- 320 x 240, 30 fps
- 320 x 240 max 35 sec with audio
Best Shot Selector  • Off
 • On
Image Adjustment
 • Auto
 • Normal
 • More Contrast
 • Less Contrast
Sets tone parameters for cameras internal image processing algorithm. Note the removal of the brightness settings.
Saturation Control
 • +2 Maximum
 • +1 Maximum
 • 0 Normal
 • -1 Moderate
 • -2 Minimum
 • Black & White
 • Sepia
Sets colour saturation parameters for cameras internal image processing algorithm
Image Quality
 • HI
- TIFF (1:1)
- JPEG (approx. 4:1)
- JPEG (approx. 8:1)
- JPEG (approx. 16:1)
Image Size

 • 2272 x 1704
 • 1600 x 1200
 • 1280 x 960
 • 1024 x 768
 • 640 x 480
 • 2272 x 1520 (3:2)

- Not available in Scene mode
User Setting
 • 1
 • 2
 • 3
User memories
Image Sharpening
 • Auto
 • High
 • Normal
 • Low
 • Off
Controls the camera's internal sharpening algorithm


 • Normal
 • Wide Adapter
 • Telephoto 1
 • Telephoto 2
 • Fisheye 1
 • Fisheye 2
 • Slide Copy Adapter
    • Positive
    • Inverse Color

Optional Nikon lens:
- WC-E63 (0.63x)
- TC-E2 (2x)
- TC-E3ED (3x)
- FC-E8
- FC-E8
- ES-E28
Exposure Options
 • AE Lock - Off, On, Reset
    • Off
    • On
    • Reset
 • Exp +/-
    • -2.0 to +2.0 EV in 0.3 EV steps
Focus Options
 • AF Area Mode
    • Auto
    • Manual
    • Off
 • Autofocus Mode
    • Continuous AF
    • Single AF
 • Focus Confirmation
    • MF
    • On
    • Off
This menu provides you with control over the way the camera selects the AF area mode, whether it evaluates auto focus all the time (continuous) or just when you half-press the shutter release and when focus confirmation (LCD image sharpening effect) is used.
Zoom Options
 • Digital Tele
    • On
    • Off
 • Startup Position
    • Last Position
    • Wide
 • Fixed Aperture
    • Off
    • On
Speedlight Options
 • Pop Up
    • Auto
    • Manual
 • Variable Power
    • -2.0 to +2.0 EV in 0.3 EV steps
 • Speedlight Control
    • Internal Off
    • Internal & External Active
Auto Bracketing
 • Off
 • On
    • 3 / 5, +/- 0.3, 0.7, 1.0 EV
 • WB Bracketing
Noise Reduction  • Off
 • On
When set to 'On' the noise reduction system will use dark frame subtraction to remove noise from long exposures.
Reset All  • No
 • Reset