Apologies for the lower-than-normal quality of the LCD captures, typically we will use the camera's video out to capture displays / menus but as the Coolpix 2500 doesn't have a video out all the shots below were done by taking photos of the LCD screen.

At startup the Coolpix 2500 does something quite 'un-Nikon-like' it displays this funky cloud scene overlaid with the Coolpix logo. (Not a reference to blue sky noise I hope..).

If you leave the lens swivel in the vertical position at power-up the camera shows a short animation to assist you in turning the lens to the correct shooting position.

Record mode display

Here we can see an example of the default live display view in the 'Manual' record mode (automatic exposure but with more control then Auto mode). Information indicators are shown over the live image, in this case:

Manual record mode, Incandescent white balance, 1600 x 1200 image size, Fine image quality, Flash cancel, +0.7 EV exposure compensation, 252 frames remaining.

Half-pressing the shutter release causes the cameras auto focus system to reconfirm and lock itself. The camera displays a steady green 'AF' indicator for a good focus lock or a flashing red indicator for no AF lock. If the flash is turned off and the exposure is at a slow shutter speed the camera will flash a hand-blur indicator.

After fully depressing the shutter release the camera takes the shot and then displays a review of the image taken for approximately two seconds. You can interrupt this review at any time by half-pressing the shutter release.
During the record review you may press the flash button (which has a trash can icon directly above it) to delete the image before it is stored on the CF card. You can also press the SCENE button to 'freeze' the image on the screen. Press the QUICK review button to shown a quarter size review of the last image taken. This appears 'over' the live preview image. Press the QUICK review button again to switch to full screen play mode which operates virtually identically to normal play mode.
Here you can see an example of Auto record mode, very similar to Manual record mode except that the range of settings which can be changed is much limited. Example of movie clip record mode. The Coolpix 2500 records MOV clips at 320 x 240 for a maximum of 15 seconds, no audio.

Play display

Switching to play mode immediately displays the last image taken. The Coolpix 2500 uses a 'rough image' thumbnail to give an immediate impression of the image which is then replaced by a higher resolution version about one second later. Press the zoom controller towards telephoto to zoom into the image up to a maximum of 6.0x, use the 4-way controller to scroll around the magnified view.
Press the zoom controller towards wide to switch first to a 2 x 2 thumbnail index. And press again to switch to a 3 x 3 thumbnail index. In these view modes use the 4-way controller to browse around the images.